Art as education

Art as education

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Art as education

Anyone who has watched Walt Disney’s popular series Art Attack will recognise Gaurav Juyal, the host of the show. The 29-year-old artiste, who hails from Dehradun, combines art and craft with science in an innovative way that helps children develop their skills, and evolve their learning techniques. Juyal co-founded an organisation called ‘Thoughts and Bolts’ which tries to make learning an exciting process for children.

How did you get into this field?

I have always found great zest and satisfaction in creating things, be it models or drawings. As a child, I would play a lot of football and keep doing random experiments. This is the only thing that would engage me. When I was in eighth standard, I realised that my love for cartoons inspired me to create some of my own. From there, my journey into animation began.

Tell us something about the kind of work you do.

I never liked studies, as I found it boring and nobody could ever convince me with their reason to study. I owe it to the boring education system that much later in my life, I felt the need to change the way children are taught. Right after my college, I got an offer from Walt Disney and therefore I drifted away from commercial animation and have been working with children all along. While working with them, I realised that I would love to work with them. I share my learning with children. I experiment with science and my logical reasoning and analytical side in my work.

Who would you consider your major influence?

My parents and siblings have been the greatest influence and part of my evolution. My parents always supported me with whatever I wanted to do. For developing my talents and skills, I owe it to my elder brother and sister. My sister Geetika is an artist and she guided me and enhanced my art and aesthetics. My brother Gunjan is super
developed on the cognitive and analytical side.
What inspires you to keep going?

When I see the masters and gurus in various domains like art, science, dance, music, martial arts or any other aspect in life and how deeply they understand their subject, it fuels me to do more and atleast be as good as they are. My goal is to make children realise their potential and capabilities. I have been working with art and craft for a long time but it is the time to fuse all knowledge and database together and make them see how everything is linked.

How was the experience of working with Walt Disney?

I think Walt Disney has been one of the turning points in my life. It completely changed my course from becoming an animator to working with children. It gave me an insight and sparked my old desire to reinvent education. People know me because of Walt Disney’s show. It gave me the platform to shed my inhibitions and be able to interact in public.

Tell us about your venture ‘Thoughts and Bolts’.

I collaborated with Pooja Bhatt and Sumit Kukreti and started the organisation. Our vision is to reintroduce learning to children. We want to reach out to maximum number of children in the world, regardless of culture or background. We share our experience and techniques and make them confident, so that they choose their own path. Children with awareness and self realisation will bring a swift change in the world.

Another aspect is to educate the parents and make them understand that
success isn’t in the merit or in the scale of income. If a kid grows to be completely
satisfied at what he or she is doing and is growing positively everyday in every aspect of his or her life then success will automatically come to them. When we do what we love, we get really amazing at it. People
recognise it and we grow exponentially.

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