Golden throne row: Pramoda Devi complains against Palace Board director

Golden throne row: Pramoda Devi complains against Palace Board director

Indiramma had tried to remove cloth cover of the fabled antique

The tussle between Mysuru Palace Board and erstwhile Mysuru royal family has resurfaced with Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, wife of royal scion late Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, lodging a complaint against the Palace Board director B G Indiramma.

Indiramma is facing the charge of making a bid to remove the white cloth that had covered the golden throne kept at Durbar Hall inside the Amba Vilas Palace recently.

According to a source, a representative of the royal family handed over the written complaint of Pramoda Devi to jurisdictional Devaraja police station on Sunday.

The police have decided to take further action only after seeking legal opinion. The complaint reads as follows: “The golden throne was kept in Amba Vilas for Khaasagi Durbar (private durbar).

Palace Board Director B G Indiramma tried to remove the cloth covering the throne much before the culmination of religious rituals. This has hurt the religious feelings of royal family.”

On November 3, Indiramma had allegedly tried to remove the cloth cover of the throne and was restrained by the employees of erstwhile royal family. Indiramma was compelled to do so after it came to her notice that visitors to the Palace were deprived of seeing the throne.

Earlier on November 2 and on October 13 (the day khaasagi durbar began),, the officer had written to Pramoda Devi to remove the cloth cover in the interest of visitors, but in vain.

The throne was removed from the strong room inside the Palace and assembled on October 7. Barring durbar, the throne was kept covered in the remaining period inside the durbar hall throughout ten days of Dasara and also after it. It was detached and moved to strong room again on November 6.

Police Commissioner B Dayananda, who confirmed the receipt of the complaint (at Devaraja police station) said no case has been registered yet. A decision will be taken in this regard on Monday, he added.