A new twist to the old

A new twist to the old

Wardrobe revamped

A new twist to the old

The wardrobe is packed yet there is nothing apt to wear for the occasion. This is an eternal problem faced by the women, but the good news is there is a solution — the advent of the app Elanic.

It is the brainchild of three business partners Palkush Rai Chawla, Aditi Rohan, and Abhilash Narhari. Elanic has become the best friend of today’s woman, who not only wants to buy fashionable clothes but also make space in her wardrobe for them by selling the used yet well-maintained clothes.

“There are only a couple of sites which are seen as compatible options to sell old goods. But the complications associated with these sites are many as the seller or the buyer is required to travel long distances to get the desired goods. We wanted to simplify this process and initiate something new. Aditi gave a fashion angle to the already developing idea and there came Elanic,” says Abhilash, the co-founder of the app.

Launched this year in April, Elanic is the new and easy way to buy and sell fashion. This app lets the users post the image of the product they want to sell with the basic brand and price details. The other users who are looking forward to buying something on the app can hit the ‘like’ button and seal the deal with the seller. The next step would be taken by the Elanic team who collect the product from the seller, inspect it and sanitise it before delivering it to the buyer’s doorstep. “In case of any damage in the products, we do not hesitate to return it to the seller,” he explains.

The app works “with the power community” and in case of deficient prices mentioned for the products by the seller, negotiation through factual comments could rectify the problem. “We do not want to create a typical e-commerce experience, but create a dependable sort of experience. Inspired by the functionality of Instagram, our app is user dependant and connects individuals with others,” he says.

    So why is it just women-centric? He explains, “Women form an active community for our app. We have restricted the app to just women as we do not want a clash of products. Also, the functional requirement of men is not much concentrated on fashion.”

  With over 15,000 users now, the app has broken the biggest hurdle — of not being open to buying used clothes. “We got a negative feedback before we started as customers did not want to buy used clothes. But after the products were up on the app, the quality and pricing attracted many and it has been successfully functioning,” he explains. With sellers and buyers equally distributed in the platform, he says, “Thirty five per cent of the products displayed on the app are sold in just two days.” With selling and buying made affordable and easy, anyone can start a boutique from their own closet and grab the best deal for fashionable clothes and accessories through Elanic.