This buffalo earns Rs 50 lakh per year

This buffalo earns Rs 50 lakh per year

This buffalo earns Rs 50 lakh per year
Heard of a buffalo that earns Rs 50 lakh a year from its semen? Meet Yuvraj, a buffalo of the famous Murrah breed from Haryana.

Named after cricketer Yuvraj Singh, this buffalo weighs 1,600 kg and costs a whopping Rs 7 crore. Yuvraj produces 3.5 to 5 ml high-quality semen everyday, which is used for artificially inseminating other Murrah buffalos.

Yuvraj was in town on Friday to participate in the “Sadar” festival, a community festival of Yadavs where bulls are decorated and celebrated for their strength and vigour. 

Yuvraj was brought to the city in an air-conditioned truck from Kurukshetra by Telangana Rashtra Samiti leader Haribabu Yadav. Accompanying Yuvraj was the proud owner Karamveer Singh. Singh is a rich farmer from Sunarion village in Kurukshetra district. He owns half a dozen cars and tractors and a son is pursuing MBA in Australia.

“I nurtured him (Yuvraj) like my son, that is why I refused to sell him for Rs 7 crore at a show in Meerut,” said Singh, adding that he earns around Rs 50 lakh every year.

Yuvraj is 5 feet 9 inches in height, drinks 20 litres of milk, gobbles 300 eggs, 5 kg of apples and 15 kg, 5 kg each of three types of crops and pulses, along with dry fruits everyday. Yuvraj is taken for a 5-km walk everyday and is also given a mustard oil massage twice a day.
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