18 pc of accident victims in City are pedestrians

18 pc of accident victims in City are pedestrians

Traffic police initiate pedestrian-friendly measures to curb mishaps

18 pc of accident victims in City are pedestrians

With about 18 per cent of the total casualties in road accidents involving pedestrians, the Bengaluru traffic police have initiated certain pedestrian-friendly measures.

“We will book cases against jaywalking, unsafe road-crossing and riding on footpaths, which are the main causes for death of pedestrians,” said M A Saleem, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

“The police have arrested 1,752 people for jaywalking, mainly on Hosur Road which has reported the highest number of accidents.

Driving licences of at least 5,000 have been suspended in the last one month for riding on footpaths and FIRs have been registered against 2,334 persons under IPC Section 283 for parking on footpaths,” he said.

He said the department had written to the State government to erect skywalks at 100 places on important roads. Only 12 skywalks have come up in the last three years, Saleem added.

As per the latest study, which is part of the accident-analysis exercise undertaken by the Bengaluru traffic police for the year 2014, about 18 per cent of accident victims are pedestrians, while nearly 40 per cent of the victims are motorists and 20 per cent casualties involve four-wheelers.

Here, the two-wheelers represent an injury-predominant picture, where injury accidents constitute more than 80 per cent of the total number of mishaps.

Pedestrian collision
The pedestrian collision at links (1,413) far outnumber the same at nodes (123).
 Since pedestrian facilities and regulation are better at nodes than at links, there could be higher incidence of accidents at links.

 Moreover, due to pedestrian domination of the traffic scenario in most central areas of the City, which have more nodes than the peripheral area,  pedestrian accidents are less at nodes, according to the reports .