PM calls for efforts to check black money

PM calls for efforts to check black money

PM calls for efforts to check black money

Seeking global cooperation to fight black money menace, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked G20 nations to freeze and repatriate unaccounted money hoarded abroad.

He also sought immediate implementation of IMF quota reforms to give the emerging markets such as India a greater say and called for steps to strengthen the rule-based global trading system while ensuring that new trading blocks do not divide global trade regime.

Speaking at the meeting of leaders of the BRICS nations on the margins of the G20 Summit here, Modi also called for an early operation of the new multilateral bank that BRICS nations have created to rival the World Bank.

“The G20 should focus on implementation of the decisions to restructure global economic institutions and greater collaboration between multilateral and regional financial institutions,” he said.

Plans agreed in 2010 to give emerging markets more voting power and double the IMF’s resources have been delayed as the US Congress has not approved the change.

“G20 should also enhance long-term finance for infrastructure in developing countries as well as develop next generation, climate resilient infrastructure. This would also include converting waste into inputs for infrastructure,” Modi said.

He further said the grouping of world’s top 20 economies should work to lower the cost of global remittances well before 2030.