The young and confident

The young and confident

The young and confident

The Town Hall arena was recently bustling with young, prospective entrepreneurs who have no dearth of creativity and innovation. Representing their respective schools, these budding businessmen and women took part in the ‘Innovations from Young Entrepreneurs: ‘Mission I’mPossible’’ event and took over the stage with confidence and poise.

The event organised by Sellfys — a socio-academic online platform that focusses on revolutionizing the future of information exchange between academia and organisations — it provided the City students a platform to present their varied ideas and concepts on employability. “Sellfys addresses the top three student issues — employability, connecting students to universities worldwide and entrepreneurship. This event focussed on students presenting innovative ideas and we received an overwhelming response. We had to shortlist 11 teams from different schools and the event was a huge success,” said Shubha Sharath, the CEO of Sellfys.

‘Automobile advancement’, ‘Baking is love made visible’, ‘NRG conversion’, ‘Elixir of Life’...each of the teams had varied ideas like these that were unique and interesting. What won the hearts of the judges and everyone else was the concept designed by Raashi of Frank Anthony Public School — ‘Baking is love made visible’. A one-of-its-kind concept, it focussed on making a variety of eggless baked goods that were made available as per one’s needs. The concept also emphasised on starting a fund raiser for the needy.

 The runner’s up of the competition were Murali Krishna, Sai Preetham, Malavika Gopinath and Arpitha Prakash from Deccan International School, who impressed the judges with their concept of creating bioplastic to save the environment. The award for the most popular idea was grabbed by Akshay, Dhwania and Megha from Jain International Residential School, who presented the topic of designing a futuristic bike that would be fuel-free and topple-free with airbags attached.

 With blooming, realistic ideas presented by the young ones, one of the judges, Dr Rajdeep Manwani, who is a motivational speaker and an academic trainer, said, “The students came up with a number of creative ideas. Conceptualising these ideas at this age is highly appreciative. Each one of them had a creative spark and they took up the challenge with ease. The Sellfys platform is giving them a fantastic opportunity and helping them to become employment generators rather than employment seekers.”

Among the participants, Shashwathi and Thaanya of Frank Anthony Public School, who presented the idea of starting a project to promote woman empowerment, said, “The youth of India is always active on social media and has a lot of new ideas. But Sellfys as a platform gave life to the ideas that were lying dormant within us through this event. We learnt a great deal about public speaking and were confident in answering the questions asked by the judges.” Siddanth, Aatreya and Karan of Frank Anthony Public School added to this saying, “We might have the idea rooted deep within us. But it is Sellfys which definitely helped us get it out in the open.”

Dipika, Sanjana, Srikar and Sucheth from St Paul’s English School, who presented the concept of ‘Old to gold’, said, “We showcased the concept of ‘old to gold’. This is an online donation app where people can donate their old clothes and other stuff that’s well kept. These will then be donated to the poor and underprivileged. We are grateful to have been given a chance to expr­e­ss these ideas at such a refin­ed platform.” With each of th­eir ideas brimming with ra­di­a­nce, one could well foretell the success of these budding entrepreneurs.