Malaysian police confirms presence of suicide bombers in Kuala Lumpur

Last Updated : 20 November 2015, 03:35 IST
Last Updated : 20 November 2015, 03:35 IST

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Malaysian police have confirmed as "authentic" the news report of a leaked internal circular containing "sensitive information" about the presence of suicide bombers in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

The circular dated November 16 from the Sabah police headquarters was based on information obtained concerning a "meeting and plan" between the Philippine militant group Abu Sayyaf, the Islamic State militants, and the Moro National Liberation Front.

The circular also called on police personnel to intensify patrols and intelligence.
Inspector General of police Khalid Abu Bakar said the report in the local news portal Malaysiakini about the circular was valid but regretted the leakage of the "sensitive information".

"It is actually an internal directive, for us to always be wary. It is information that we received but we don't have clearer information. it may be true or false, but action is still taken," state-run Bernama news agency quoted Special branch director Fuzi Harun as saying today.

Harun said the circular said was aimed at getting his team to be wary at all times.
He said the police always took proactive action on any information no matter how small it was.

"We will pass on this information to our ground units for any action," he added.
Police were monitoring the potential threat and action was being taken to neutralise them and that police would not compromise in tackling terrorist elements, Bakar said.

Meanwhile, 4,500 military personnel will be deployed to assist the police during the 27th Asean Summit underway here.

The event, hosted by Malaysia, is being held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from today to Sunday.

Armed Forces chief Zulkefli Mohd Zin said after 4,500 soldiers would be involved to ensure security is at the highest level.

"About 2,000 personnel would be deployed in the city while the remaining would be on standby at strategic areas around the city," he said.

The army would be prepared for any situation and will be on hand to provide support to any other unit in providing the highest levels of security, he said.

Published 20 November 2015, 03:35 IST

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