'I miss him a lot, mornings are just not the same'

'I miss him a lot, mornings are just not the same'


'I miss him a lot, mornings are just not the same'

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan

Ever since the death of her husband, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan has shown a lot of poise. But 34 years of marital bliss is not something someone can easily forget. At a radio station to reminisce the ‘good old days’, she says memories and memories alone are what she is left with. 

Even as she chats with Metrolife, her mind constantly runs elsewhere, on other errands that keeps her on her toes. She keeps herself busy with her family, especially her grandchildren, who she enjoys watching grow. She even loves telling them stories from her life.

Vishnuvardhan, she says, was a wonderful father, grandfather, husband and a best friend.

“Every morning, after he woke up, the first thing he had to see was me. He would scream out for me and I had to leave everything I was doing and stand in front of him. Today, I miss him a lot, mornings are just not the same anymore,” she says.

Both being very spiritually inclined, she describes their bond as a sacred one. But that didn’t stop either of them from having fun.

“He was such a fun-loving and mischievous person. He’d often tease me and I’d just smile and let him get away with it,” she says.

“We also loved travelling but I was more adventurous. During one of the shoots, I went parasailing, he just stayed back and watched me.”

The adventure streak was something she had even during her college days. Bharathi, who studied in Maharani College in the City, says she enjoyed dancing and was
the captain of the cricket team.

“I loved playing cricket and even represented the State. I used to play cricket extensively even after I got married and Vishnu supported me in everything I did,” she says. But the interest in cricket waned and acting started gaining more importance in her life. Having established herself as a fabulous actress, Bharathi broke a lot of hearts when she got married.

She laughs, “We both had actually,” and adds, “in fact, even after we got married, we used to receive love letters from our fans and we used to spend hours reading
them out to each other.

He was a secure man and never showed any jealous streaks.”Ask her how she would
like his fans to remember him and she is quick to respond, “He is always someone who lived for his fans and he is very much alive in all their hearts. I will never be able to tell anyone how he should be remembered,” she signs off.

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