It's only words...

It's only words...

It's only words...
As kids, the different fonts on a word document in computers were a source of excitement. Shadow, drop shadow and many such artistic fonts gave life to boring plain texts.

While all this is software based, what is more artistically and creatively inclined is — typography. An art aimed at making written language appealing, typography involves selecting typefaces, point size, letter spacing and so on that makes writing on canvas an interesting craft.

 Inculcating this craft and colouring the names of many cities is Sithesh C Govind, a creative director who likes to call himself a ‘creative opportunist’.

So what is so special about colouring the names of different cities on a canvas? It is not just the names that are made to look nice, each name sketched, reflects the story of its origin and highlights the uniqueness of the City.

“I studied the names of different places in India and learnt about their origin. Then I decided to start place-name-typography of these cities,” explains Sithesh.

The typography of Bengaluru has a small fort at the centre of the canvas to indicate how the City was built by Kempegowda who planted a mud fort ages ago. The text below the name talks about its origin from the word — ‘benda kalu ooru’ (boiled beans). While typography of Kerala has a boat and depiction of local art and coconut and palm trees, the coastal region of Goa has beautiful art of the beaches and island sketched alongside its name. His list of this artistic representation goes on similarly uncovering the history of each City in India.

“I want to popularise this art. I also look forward to suggesting the implantation of these boards in these particular cities instead of placing the regular destination name boards,” he wishes.

An advertising professional, who nurtures a passion for strong visualisation and great ideation skills, he wants to execute these ideas for creating both visual and textual content for communication solutions across India and abroad. He has lent his talent to various ad campaigns, concepts and story boards and says, “I have a special interest in the field of branding strategy and TV commercials.”

Working at many noted advertisement companies, he says, “I am an avid enthusiast of art and have great passion in visual communication, photography and videography.” With an indomitable love for life, he aspires to be an inspiring professional who would be known for quality, creativity and perfection.