Court the jacket

Court the jacket

Court the jacket
It’s that time of the year again when our wardrobes are being warmed by all the winter outfits we had discarded a few months back. From jackets and hoodies to boots, hand gloves and ear muffs, we make sure our cupboards have everything to keep us warm and cosy.

When it comes to fashion, the City is always ready to experiment and be in line with the latest trends. The younger crowd, especially college students, know exactly how to make a dull winter wear more interesting, colourful and stylish. Divya Chugh, a student of Mount Carmel College, says, “For me, a winter outfit has to include a basic jacket, beanie, skinny jeans and boots. Knitted jumpers and scarves are also great for this season. Layering is the easiest way to look stylish in winter. A lot of people are sporting flannel shirts with T-shirts and leggings, which is trending this season. As for accessories, one should keep it minimal. However, a funky umbrella cannot go wrong in case it rains.”

Every year the City sees different fashion trends blooming during winters. This year the winter outfits that are trending are mostly leather jackets, ponchos and ear muffs, says Nima, a saleswoman at Tibetan Plaza on Brigade Road. Sanjana Shetty, a student of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, says, “The 70s style is back with high waist pants, wide-legged jeans and crop tops. To add an ‘oomph’ factor to the winter outfit, one can wear a stylish leather jacket on top of a crop top and wrap a scarf around the neck to keep oneself warm.”

But some like Celeste Pinaroo like to go simple. She says, “I prefer cardigans, loose sweaters, skull caps and boots for winters. However, I have seen many of my friends sporting sweatshirts, pullovers and fashionable shrugs.”

While there are many who think that Bengaluru’s winter is just perfect for light yet warm clothes, adding a little style to one’s outfit never hurts. Roshni, a professional working with a lifestyle and apparel company, says, “As the City’s weather is perfect for light warm wears, many people are seen going for biker jackets and snoods. Maxi length coats and boots are also in, and are getting popular among the youth. I prefer wearing leather jackets and boots, but since winters in Bengaluru are not that cold, I wear just a leather jacket.”

Designers Armaan and Aiman are of the opinion that graphics in black and white, hard hitting punk, folksy tribal and military attires, and an 80s comeback are trending this winter. Armaan says, “Last year the trend was a comeback for checks and plaids, and also bright tones. However, coat dresses, enigmatic black hue, punk rock style are some of the styles trending this year.”

Aiman, on the other hand, adds, “For a college student it is requisite to look trendy and stylish; leggings are a must-have in any wardrobe and can be paired with bomber jackets and sneakers. Colourful scarves paired with sweaters look fashionable and will also do the work of keeping one warm.”

Continuing, she says, “Jumpsuits and coat dresses have a tendency of forming uber sensual, comfy, sporty and at the same time chic and variant fashion trends, which are must-haves for professionals. Ear cuffs, fringed bracelets, headbands, leather hand gloves and knitted head hats are some of the winter accessories that are also trending.”