'I can never look beyond cinema'

'I can never look beyond cinema'

He’s the all-rounder in Kannada movies. Actor, director, scriptwriter, music director, composer and producer; Crazy Star Ravichandran spoke about his birthday plans, reviving memories of his evergreen movie Premaloka and the launch of his son, Manoj and the completition of Manjina Hani.

“This year I will be staying at home and taking time off to interact with my fans, something that I rarely do on my birthday but maybe in the afternoon, I would head off somewhere with my family,” says Ravichandran.

Movies, he says, is where his life begins and ends. “I know nothing else other than cinema. When I need a break from acting, I direct; if I need a break from that, I compose music or write scripts. There is so much to do in this industry that I can never look beyond it,” he adds. In terms of direction Premaloka, has been one of his best, though inspired by Grease 2, the film had his signature touch and after the success of this movie, many hits followed. “I wanted to make something for the youth and bring in the bike and leather jacket era to the Kannada industry. The film was just right and slowly the cast and crew fell in place,” he says.

That was the yesteryear magic that the star created but now all eyes are on his son, Manoj, who will soon be making an entry into the industry. “He has planned to get into movies but he is still in the process of getting trained so I wouldn’t really comment on anything,” he says. Probe him a little more and he adds, “He is a good looking boy, I ‘m sure he will click in the industry.”

Currently, the star is extremely busy with just one movie on mind, Manjina Hani. “This is something that has taken a lot of time to complete and I just want to get over with it. So all my energy is being focussed on it right now,” he says. “I generally don’t dwell into the storyline before the release of the film but all I can say is that it revolves around an eight-year-old-boy and me,” keeping the curiosity alive, he signs off.

Pitt takes kids out

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt took his two sons, Pax and Maddox for a morning show of the sci-fi film Star Trek at a theatre in New York. The superstar accompanied his adopted sons to watch the film at the theatre recently, before flying off to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star avoided the crowds by turning up to the Huntington, Long Island cinema for a 10.30 am show of the hit film. Pitt also promoted his new Quentin Tarantino film called Inglorious Basterds at Cannes. Actress and wife Angelina Jolie also walked the red carpet with the actor at the festival.