A twisted tale

A twisted tale

A twisted tale

F rom its name to the concept, ambience and food, everything about ‘Sotally Tober’ is quirky. Located in 4th block Koramangala, this is a cosy two-storeyed place where people can hang out with friends and colleagues.

What catches one’s attention is the decor which is creatively done using different kitchen utensils like pans, jars, spoons and whisks. They hang from the ceiling with lights attached to them. And the walls are splattered with multi colour paints.

The choice of music is good, but it is a bit too loud and one can’t hear the person sitting next to them. Turning the pages of the menu, one won’t find it difficult to decide what they would want to treat themselves with. The menu is carefully segmented into salads, appetizers, mains and desserts.

For all the salad lovers, they have the classic ‘Caesar’ salad, ‘#SoTo pear and walnut salad’ and ‘smoked chicken citrus salad’ to choose from. For appetizers, one can munch on the crispy cheese nachos, spicy potato wedges or the cheesy samosas.

Coming to the main course — all pizza lovers should try the ‘peri peri’ chicken pizza which is a thin-crust pizza while pasta lovers can go for the alfredo pasta. And for those who like to binge on burgers, try their ‘peri peri’, ‘vada’ burger or the chicken steak which is filled with a strong spicy flavour and is served with mashed potatoes and buttered veggies. The quantity of food in both the appetizers and the main course is good, so be careful not to fill yourself up if you are looking at the dessert section. Go for the honey walnut cake or ask for ‘#SoTo dessert of the week’ and treat your taste buds.

The service at ‘Sotally Tober’ is good and pretty fast considering the place is almost always packed with regular customers and new food

enthusiasts who love to explore. With its unique name and great service, ‘Sotally Tober’ is getting a lot of attention from curious food lovers in the City.
‘Sotally Tober’ is located at 769, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 4th Block.

For details, call 49652488.