Nannedeya Haadu

Nannedeya Haadu

Ramya Barna and Anand in Nannedeya Haadu

Finishing schools in film making are the need of the hour, specially in the wake of a sad, mutilated film called ‘Nannedeya Haadu’. Directors, dialogue writers, actors - all should be taught how to complete a task to the best of one’s ability.

A decent story is spoilt by narration that reeks of inexperience, lack of confidence and loads of compromises. Mohan (Anand) goes to learn music from a musician. The musician’s granddaughter Pallavi (Ramya Barna) begins teaching him after a run-in with his guru. She also begins loving him. But Mohan is there to fulfill his lover Spoorthi (Chayashree)’s wish.

Who will get Mohan’s love is what ‘Nannedeya Haadu’ all about.

The first half is over in a jiffy. It is only after the interval that things goes wrong. The director commits one faux pas after the other; scenes are unnecessarily inserted just to accommodate each and every technician who worked for the film. The camera is out of focus and too much digital ‘interference’ mars the pleasure of the moment. It is A T Raveesh’s splendid  tunes that make the film watchable. However, the ‘song of the soul’ doesn’t strike a chord with the audience here.