The taste of North-West

The taste of North-West

Sanjeev Kapoor started his culinary journey in 1984. After being in the industry for decades, he says he has learnt, experienced and explored a lot in the kitchen and outside.

His food philosophy is keeping it simple, approachable and healthy. Recently, he shared his recipe of ‘Pudina Seekh’ with ‘Metrolife’. “It is just another version of the simple ‘Seekh Kebab’ which is one of my favourites when it comes to North-West frontier cuisine. What makes this one different from the others is the use of the fresh mint chutney that is combined with the lamb mince mixture.

This adds a touch of quirkiness as well as freshness to the usual seekh kebab recipe and also brings out the lovely flavours on the palate. This is an excellent non-vegetarian starter for all types of gatherings, parties, weddings and the likes. You can even serve it with naans or roomali ‘rotis’, just the way it is served in North India,”he says.


‘Pudina Seekh’

n Lamb leg boneless - 500 gm
n Lamb fat-125 gm
n Garlic paste - 40 gm
n Ginger paste -25 gm
n Chopped green chilli -10 gm
n Chopped mint- 50 gm
n Brown onions -100 gm
n Deghi mirch powder - 20 gm
n Garam masala - 5 gm
n Cumin powder - 3 gm
n Salt - 10 gm

n Clean the mutton and cut it into medium cubes. Chill the meat and fat to below 50 degree celsius.

n Add the ginger garlic paste, brown onions, deghi mirch powder, garam masala, cumin powder and chopped green chilli and mix well.

n Pass through the mincer twice and store in packs of 350 grams each.

n Keep it refrigerated below 50 degree celsius.

At the time of serving
n Take 160 to 170 grams of mixture from the refrigerator and mix with the chopped mint.

n Evenly spread it on two skewer to a length of 10 inch each.

n Cook in medium heat for about 10 to 11 minutes.

Cut the seekh into length of 5 inches, 4 per portion.

n Toss in a pinch of tandoori chaat masala and add 3 to 4 drops of lime juice before serving.

n Serve hot and crispy.

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