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The hall of frame

Wedding season sometimes brings out the coolest of ideas for pre-wedding ceremonies or anything after that.

In fact, many young couples these days are trying innovative routes to make their wedding memorable.

Pre-wedding and after-wedding photoshoots have become the order of the day with photographers coming out with fun ways to narrate the couples’ stories with still pictures and teaser videos.

A wedding photographer, Deepak Vijay, says pre-wedding shoots are a lot more popular than the ones after. “The couples prefer to get the photoshoots done before the wedding because it’s always chaotic after the big day. So we keep a day or two aside before this and have a fun day out with them,” he says.

His team likes to take the couple to a resort or to the outskirts to get a scenic background. He adds, “We have taken pictures within cities but it’s not as easy as taking it in the open area. The traffic is always crazy and not all the couples are comfortable shooting in such situations.”

Deepak’s team also works on teaser videos before the wedding and ‘highlight videos’ after. These videos are shared on social media pages, if the couple wishes to.

But it’s not always easy to get couples to open up to the camera for those picture-perfect shots.

Siddharth Sharma and his team also gives the couple activities to do so that they would feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

He says, “We like to set up a scenario like they are on a date or a candle-light dinner. Sometimes, even playing a small game of ‘hide and seek’ helps with the process — we get a lot of good candid shots and they are eventually grown to face the camera for more complex shots.”

His clients also prefer pre-wedding shots as “the brides don’t want to show the ‘mehendi’ in all the pictures after the wedding”.

The photoshoots that take place before the wedding shots also act as an ice-breaker for the couple and the photographer. Neeta Shankar, a photographer, prefers a pre-wedding shoot for the same reason.

She says, “Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, especially if it’s an arranged marriage. The couple are still getting to know each other and to get them to pose romantically is a bit difficult. So this photoshoot acts as a rehearsal of what we would want them to do on the day of the wedding for the pictures. It helps us build a relationship with them; they would know how we work and we would also have a idea of their pros and cons.”

She also prefers to shoot in an area that’s not crowded. “Shooting in the City is nearly impossible with the number of people who stop by to watch what’s happening or people demanding money.

The entire process will definitely make them uncomfortable and not give us the result we all want. So resorts, beaches, landscapes or even hotels are the idea place to get the best pictures,” she exclaims.

These sessions can last anywhere from a four-hour shoot to a multi-day marathon involving rented cars and airplanes, locations that require big money to rent out for the day, wardrobe changes, prop weapons, and theatrical makeup!

      Depending on the couples’ requirements and time constraints, the photographers also have the freedom to work on the pictures.

It’s not just pre-wedding shoots and teaser videos that are popular among the wedding crowd, but also the highlight video.

 It’s the video that captures all the special moments from the special day in a minute or two video. 

    The photographers enjoy working on the videos as they get to play around with the story as well.

“Still images have their limitations sometimes, but we can plan how we want the video to be in before even getting to the wedding,” says Deepak.

With wedding season upon us, photographers are busy running around the country to get the best location for the best shots.

As Madhumita Nandi, a wedding photographer, says, “There are times when the couple surprise us. They seem to be the quiet kind who might not pose in front of the camera, but they take us by surprise by being very spontaneous with the shots. These are one of the best moments of the celebration.”

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