Bridal face forward

Bridal face forward
A part from the dresses and jewellery, makeup plays an important role in any bridal look. It can make her look dazzling and elegant, if done right. Here’s one way to do it right:

Always cleanse, tone and moisturise your face well before starting a makeup routine.

Moisturise using a nourishing and hydrating moisturiser. I used True Perfection day cream with silk tree extract on the model, to ensure her skin wouldn’t get patchy and would hold the makeup intact for the entire course of the event.

An important step before applying the makeup is using a skin primer. I used The ONE Face Perfecting Skin primer to ensure her skin had even texture and it filled in any gaps.

Starting with evening out her face and neck skin tone, I applied The ONE Foundation in liquid form – Olive Beige. Apply it in dots all over the face and neck and blend it using a foundation brush or damp sponge, as per your preference.

For areas such as under eyes, lip area or any marks, I used The ONE concealer in medium tone to even out the skin further.

Settle your base using a compact. Using a compact over your foundation instead of loose powder helps your foundation have better coverage.

To give a golden glow to the skin, I used a bronzer (Oriflame Bronzing pearls) on the model’s cheeks and jawline followed by The ONE Illuskin Blush – Luminous peach on the apple of her cheeks and the highlighter in the same blush on top of it and on the centre of her face. Adding highlighting to the centre of your face ensures your face looks slimmer and longer.

I started priming her eye lips before applying eye shadow. A thin layer of concealer followed by compact ensures that the eye shadow stays longer without creasing.

I started with creating a false eye socket using a soft brown matte eye shadow first on the crease — this has to be a matte finish. On the arch of the eyebrows, dab a lighter colour eye shadow in pearl white, cream, or off white with sheen. This lifts the eyes. On the eye lip, softly dab on The ONE Cream Eye Shadow in rose gold shade for soft natural sheen. Blend using a flat brush on your finger tips.

Add some dark matte brown eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye lip to create a smokey effect. Blend it well with the rose gold on the centre of the eye lip, but make sure you do not bring the darker smokey effect to the centre of the eye lip over the gold.

Add an eyeliner to define the eyes now.

I then used The ONE smooth definer in black on the waterline and smudged it using a pencil brush. To make the eyes look even bigger; then added a dark brown eye shadow to the smudged kohl effect along the waterline.

Curl the lashes first before applying mascara. I used The ONE Volume Boost Mascara to the model’s lashes after curling them up. This added drama to the eye makeup.

To complete the eye makeup, one important step not to be missed is grooming the eyebrows. I used the same dark brown matte eye shadow using an angular brush to define the model’s eye brows. The brown shadow defines, yet gives a softer look over the black eye shadow.

Moving on to the final touches, I defined the model’s lips using The ONE smooth defined lip pencil in red, slightly accentuating the centre (cupid bow) of her lips. This is a good trick for girls with thin lips before using bright lip shades.

To ensure her lipstick stays on all day, I used the same lip pencil all over her lips to give a strong base of red colour before applying the lipstick.

Finally, I used The ONE Colour stylist 5-in-1 lipstick tone, London Red on the model. I used a lip brush to apply the lipstick to ensure its spreads evenly and fills in the gaps on the lips as well.

(The author is a beauty & makeup expert, Oriflame India)

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