Efforts on to restore Wenlock blood bank

In response to the report, “Wenlock blood bank unit dysfunctional since 3 months”, published on December 2 in Deccan Herald, District Surgeon and Wenlock Hospital Superintendent Dr Rajeshwari Devi H R has clarified that she has already communicated to the Director of Health and Family Welfare Services, National Health Mission and NACO the issue regarding procurement of all necessary equipment.

She also said that the blood bank in Yenepoya Medical College and Srinivas Medical College have been separating blood components and helping Wenlock hospital, as the centrifuge in the Wenlock hospital blood bank is dysfunctional.

Admitting that the blood component separation system in the blood bank has been dysfunctional and that the experts have attended to the problem, she said, “Since the machine is from Germany, the technical experts are expected to come from Germany.” The estimate for the repair has been perused, approved and the work order has been issued to the Biomedical Department in KMC, Mangaluru, with whom the Wenlock hospital has an annual maintenance contract, she added.

Dr Rajeshwari Devi also stated that the existing centrifuge in Wenlock hospital is of lower capacity (4 bags) and hence they are trying to procure a 12-bag centrifuge, which is the need of the hour.

She also stated that the Wenlock hospital blood bank is running round the clock, in association with M V Shetty Trust since 1999. The personnel in the blood bank are the responsibility of the Trust, but the Wenlock hospital has been monitoring them regularly.

The Wenlock blood bank has been supplying around 125 to 150 units of blood free of cost to Ladygoschen Hospital, which has a full fledged component-separation unit and a standalone blood bank managed by the Indian Red Cross Society, she said.

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