Anniversary of Sursagar

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Anniversary of Sursagar
Anniversary of Sursagar

Sursagar celebrated its 34th anniversary with two grand music recitals, last Sunday.
First, Neeladri Kumar, young sitarist and “Prasishya” of Pandith Ravi Shankar regaled the packed audience. Rag Sree blossomed with attractive sangathies. Connoisseurs enjoyed each bit embodied with evocative phrases. The drut gat in a faster tempo in Misra Kaafi, electrified the audience. Yogeesh Shamshi’s tabala was supportive throughout.

Insipid performance

The Bengaluru Sangeeta Utsav – Season - 4” was organised by the Raj Events, supported by S V N Music Academy.

In the three-day event it had scheduled, vocal (classical, light and jugalbandi), instrumental (violin and dance solo, Nagaswara, Harmonium, trio) music by both celebrities and young artists. But undeterred by the absence of few artistes (due to calamity in Tamil Nadu) and poor attendance, the organisers conducted the festival with a good determination.

Manjula Amaresh, who gave a dance recital on Saturday, has been trained by many stalwarts like Shyamala Muralikrishna, Revathi Narasimhan, B Bhanumathi, V P Dhananjayan, Shantha and Kalanidhi Narayanan. She is a postgraduate in Bharathanatya and has also passed the proficiency examination.

Manjula has performed in places like Chennai, Bengaluru, USA, Hong Kong and Middle East.

She is the director of “Bharathaanunada” and has also choreographed a few dance-dramas like Pancharatantra.

In the current programme, Manjula Amaresh had chosen the popular story of Akkamahadevi based on the well-known vachanas of the Saint like Akka Kelavva, Hasivadode, Bettada Melondu Maneya Maadi, Chilipili Endu, etc.

Manjula performed with ease and assurance and her abhinaya with expressive eyes is also fairly good. Vocal by Balasubramanya Sharma was complementary to the theme and dance. But the dance drama failed to come fully evocative and with some more effort may become better impactful.

Captivating vocal

Chowdiah Memorial Hall was reverberating with overflowing connoisseurs, when Kaushiki Chakraborthy started her vocal recital.

She captured the audience from the very first raga. In the Rag Bihag with two madhyams, she brought out the ‘ragabhava’ impactfully. Drut and ‘sargams’ – further enhanced the good feeling and jumping from shadja to thara shadja precisely in a electrifying speed was also amazing.

Her Kalyani and Charukeshi reminded that she has also learnt Karnatic music (a student of none other than Dr M Balamurali Krishna)! Gamakas, Graha Bheda (Murchana) and Sargam – all were exceptionally appealing. Yogesh Shamshi also received applause for his enlivening support on tabala.

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