Aromatic scent

Aromatic scent

Perfumes speak! They broadcast the personality of the wearer. For example, if it’s a floral fragrance, it is said to project conventional femininity whereas a strong citrus scent is an emblem of masculinity. Different kinds of fragrances create different impressions among others.

But now you can decide what your perfume will reflect about your personality.
Bespoke by Wikka offers one luxurious fragrances that one can customise according to your traits and liking.

Rupal Tyagi, the founder of the label, will analyse your personality and preferences and design a perfume based on that, especially for you.

“Based on in-depth consultation, I study the profile of the individual and create a blend best suited for them. The process begins with a two-hour in-person consultation in which I take a client on a journey of the senses. The goal is to awaken positive moments from the past. As part of the consultation, the client answers a detailed questionnaire based on his personality, fragrance preference, behavioural traits, daily routine, and allergies. Each customer has his or her own taste. It’s all about what moves them,”says Tyagi.

But how did the idea strike her mind? “Elders in my family always liked to have a distinct personality; they wanted their presence felt wherever they walked, especially my grandfather.

This led me to the idea of creating a line of exclusive perfumes that could be associated with an individual,” she answers.

Married into a family of royal lineage, Tyagi has always been exposed to regal traditions. This regal lifestyle always kept her on the edge towards understanding the deep meaning of beauty and how it could be preserved.

She says, “I have always believed that the key attribute for beauty is purity. And Wikka gave me the opportunity to truly express this love for essential oils, understanding its benefits and offering it to my clients.”

Regular visits to her family- owned aromatic plantations and mango orchards stoked her interest in aromatherapy, which is the modern name given to the age-old healing therapy of using essential oils to alleviate a wide range of physical and emotional disorders. 

Her interest led her to study the subject in detail in London and become a qualified aromatherapist.

“I always had a deep passion for aromatherapy, which led me to set up an aromatherapy clinic. During my private practice, I successfully cured clients suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, PMS, body pain, sports injury, migraine and post operative care and various day-to-day problems such as acne, dermatitis, sun damaged skin. My clients benefited immensely from the customised concoctions of pure essential oils and other natural products,” she informs.

“In-depth experience in the field of aromatherapy over the years led me to launch Wikka. The idea was simple – recreate a world of purer times, where royal beauty recipes were based on completely natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs and potions,” she adds.

Tyagi feels that it’s just the beginning of this culture in India and customised fragrances are “already gaining popularity” and “will only grow to become appreciated and desired”.

“We are already receiving great demand for bespoke fragrances for personal use as well as for brands and companies,” she says.  

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