City organisations help animals in Chennai

Amid heart-warming stories of local people going out of their way to help those stranded in floods in Chennai, two Delhi-based organisations have come to the rescue of animals trapped due to the rains.

Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes have joined hands with a local organisation and rescued around 200 animals till now.

They have also set up a 24-hour helpline (9884844444) exclusively for rescuing stranded animals in Chennai.

“There are hundreds of cows, dogs and cats that have survived the floods only to suffer hunger and sickness. These animals urgently need medical treatment, veterinary care and food,” said Geeta Seshamani, Vice President of Friendicoes.

“The dire situation, as a result of floods, has led to deaths of presumably 300 people in the state and we had to add our bit to the rescue,” she said.

“It is heartbreaking to witness these animals drowning, starving or succumbing to infections,” she added.

The organisations have been providing medicines, food and safe drinking water for the animals that have been rescued.

They have a 24-hour emergency rescue service with an all-weather vehicle, and a full range of animal-handling equipment for rescues on land or water.

The team consists of veterinary doctors, para-vets and emergency drivers. A state government estimate on Thursday said at least 357 people and 3,889 cattle were killed in the devastating floods.

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