A candle in the window

A candle in the window

Having worked with a few corporate firms, she always had a desire for starting something of her own.

Jenny Abraham, who has been in Bengaluru for more than 10 years, says she always wanted to set an example to those women who want to do something for themselves.

Jenny explains, “I always wanted to motivate those who want to start something on their own but are sceptical to take a step. It is great to see that today I have become an inspiration to  women who want to start  small businesses.”

Jenny has considerable expertise in making fragrant candles and fresh homemade chocolates that she sells under her label ‘Village Craft’, a start-up.

It is just a year old but its popularity is gaining heights. “‘Village Craft’ is almost a year old and we have been dealing with mostly handmade chocolates and fragrant candles. We cater to every individual’s needs and requirements. We have a unique collection of candles in terms of colour, shape, design and size,” says Jenny.

On how she got into the candle-making business, she says, “I am a lover of scented candles and chocolates. I was always keen on learning the art of making quirky candles and using them for my personal requirements. However, slowly I started crafting and gifting them to friends and family — as a gesture of appreciation, they started placing orders. This approach by my family and friends motivated me to start with small orders. Their continuous support pushed me into taking this as a full-time job.

On why she chose this particular name for the brand, she says, “‘Village Craft’ does not use any sort of machine or mechanism. Every design, craft, colour, texture and fragrance is handmade. Even the smallest curve and bend is taken care of so that the finish comes out well and is unique — be it chocolates or candles.

Some of the fragrances she uses to make candles are lemon, rose petals, shades of lavender, traditional sandalwood, orange burst, raspberry touch and soft vanilla.

As for the chocolates ‘nutty paradise’, ‘truffles’ and ‘fruit burst’ are the signature flavours.

“Our chocolates are handmade with specific care taken for the hygiene factor,” says Jenny.
“We don’t compromise on the quality in order to finish our orders. Be it a small or a big order we follow a strict time frame within which we finish all that we have to do.

Each candle and chocolate is made, curved and crafted with patience especially while making the designs. We customise our products and cater to exclusive occasions like festivals, birthdays, weddings and baby showers,” she explains.

 Her forte is  creating her own designs for both the products, she says, “I don’t see an occasion complete without candles and chocolates. We love  creating memories and this is what we excel at. These candles have a long lasting aroma once they are burnt. As for the chocolates, they have the homemade taste and are soft. Many people have come back to
us for the chocolates,” she adds.  

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