Routine check helps cops recover vehicle stolen 18 months ago

A routine check for riding without helmet has helped the traffic police recover a motorcycle that was stolen one-and-a-half-years ago.

Traffic head constables, Ravi Kumar and Allah Bakhsh, stopped a man riding a Honda Activa (KA 05/ HV 1645) without helmet in RT Nagar on December 7 and asked for vehicle documents.

The rider failed to produce them and told the police he had bought the two-wheeler from a friend’s acquaintance eight months ago. According to the rider, the friend had told him the seller urgently needed money and the price was just Rs 18,000. The rider said he bought it.

The traffic policemen, however, weren’t convinced by this explanation and reported the matter to the Enforcement Automation Centre located at the traffic police headquarters. A challan was thus generated.

Then, a man in Basavanagudi received the challan by post, which stated that he had to pay the penalty for riding without helmet in RT Nagar.

The man was shocked at receiving the letter. The vehicle did belong to him but was stolen one-and-a-half-years ago. He had even filed a complaint at the Basavanagudi police station. But the police failed to recover the two-wheeler and the owner went on to claim insurance on it.

The man then went to the Basavanagudi police station and narrated the incident. In the end, it turned out that the man who was caught riding without helmet wasn’t involved in the theft. His claim on buying the vehicle is genuine.

The police said they were checking old files to take a suitable decision. They are also hunting for the vehicle thief. In case of an owner having claimed the insurance and the stolen vehicle being recovered later, the police turn over the vehicle to the insurance company. But sometimes, insurance companies refuse to accept the vehicle and the police auction it.

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