Reflecting the winter mood

Haute style

Reflecting the winter mood
The designers at Louis Philippe have an eye for detail and this shows in every garment of theirs. The latest winter line has a collection of shirts, T-shirt and jackets that have been carefully designed to reflect the lifestyle of young men.

Going for the complete look

This collection from Louis Philippe has an   envious range of shirts and trousers along with accessories.

   Although  the brand is known for its formal segment,  they have an impressive range of casual wear as well.

   “The House of Louis Philippe has begun to cater to a large section of menswear after the addition of its sub-brands like LP and LP Jeans,” explains Karunesh Vohra, Creative Director, Louis Philippe.

   Each sub-brand has its own well-defined boundary. “So, where formal wear ends, sportswear begins and where sportswear ends, the denim line starts. We are very
careful in ensuring that the boundaries are not blurred,” he says.

A lot of time has been spent in designing the brand’s winter line.    “For us, winter wear is a growing category and a lot of care is taken when we design it. The collection is performance-driven and starts with an in-depth research on the latest trends and consumer requirements,” he explains.

Great attention is paid to create diversity in the latest line. Thanks to technology, people are aware of the what’s trending, in the fashion industry.

“Men are definitely choosy about what they want to buy,” says Karunesh.
“To them the cut, style and design are all equally important. They like to spend a
lot  on clothes. Men in particular wear clothes that suit their taste, mood and character,” he says  He also points out  that the accessories must be complemented with cardigans and light-weight jackets.

 “Winter ensembles are never complete without accessories like printed pocket squares, scarves, leather bracelets, fedora hats, sunglasses and watches,” says Karunesh.  

Sakib, a student of civil engineering, SEA College of Engineering and Technology, wore a yellow shirt and paired it with grey trousers. 
Punchline: “The trousers are a mix of cotton and linen which make it cool to wear in both winter and summer. Men have started experimenting with coloured shirts and I am someone who likes only bright coloured outfits.”    
Price: Grey trousers (Rs 2,999), yellow shirt (Rs 2,299), shoes (Rs 4,999), muffler (Rs 1,799) and LP mainline watch (Rs 9,999).

Vishnu Raj SM, a student of civil engineering, MVJ College of Engineering, chose to wear a blue T-Shirt and matched it with a sleeveless jacket.
Punchline: “The T-shirt is comfortable. I like the sleeveless jacket as it makes me look stylish. The clothes are bright, colourful and the brand gives the wearer enough freedom to experiment. I love the overall look.”
Price: Sleeveless jacket
(Rs 4,299), denims
(Rs 3,299), T-shirt (Rs 799), shoes (Rs 3,999) and watch (Rs 14,999).

Krishna Dev, a student of mechanical engineering, SEA College Of Engineering and Technology, slipped into a printed pink shirt and matched it with formal trousers.   
Punchline: “The colour of the shirt that contrasted with the trouser is attractive. The colour, fit, style and design are perfect for every season. This outfit is apt for a Sunday brunch or an evening out with friends.”
Price: Pink shirt (Rs 2,299), chinos (Rs 2,799) and shoes (Rs 4,499).

Faizan Nazir, a student of civil engineering, SEA College Of Engineering and Technology, chose to wear a red sweater and paired it with brown chinos and contrasted the look with greyish black muffler.
Punchline: “Winter is the best time to bring out warm clothes and I couldn’t help but pick the red sweater. It isn’t too warm and is just right for the fluctuating weather. It’s comfortable and high on style.”    
Price: Red sweater (Rs 1,999), brown chinos
(Rs 1,999), muffler (Rs 799) and shoes (Rs 4,499).

Harsh C, an MBA student of St Joseph's College Of Business Administration, slipped into a white shirt, dark blue denims and matched it with a brown leather jacket.
Punchline: “The white shirt looks attractive when matched with the brown jacket. The colours are not too loud yet they are bright enough to be worn on any occasion.”   
Price: White shirt
(Rs 2,499), denims (Rs 2,499), brown leather jacket (Rs 16,999) and watch (Rs 13,000).

Nizam Sharieff, an MBA student of College of Management Studies wore a blue printed shirt, blue trousers and completed the look with a sleeveless blue sweater. 
Punchline: “The clothes are a subtle play of colours. The outfit has both a formal and a casual feel to it. There is a wide variety of colours in shirts, which go well with denims and formal trousers.”  
Price: Shirt (Rs 2,999),
blue sweater (Rs 2,499), trousers (Rs 2,999) and shoes (Rs 4,499).

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