Will try to get more funds for Home Guards in budget: Home Minister

Will try to get more funds for Home Guards in budget: Home Minister

 Home Minister G Parameshwara on Saturday assured that he would make efforts to ensure allocation of additional funds for Civil Defence, Home Guards and Fire Force Department in next year’s budget.

He was addressing the Home Guards during the Karnataka Home Guards Day at Gruha Rakshaka Bhavana on West of Chord Road in Rajajinagar here.

“The Home Guards staff are doing a commendable job. They are acting as the backbone of the law and order and traffic police. I will honestly try to redress the grievances of the Home Guards staff. I will ensure more allocation of funds for them in the budget next year,” Parameshwara said.

The Home Guards wing that comprises about 25,000 staffers is one of the best platoons in the country.

The Home Guards execute some tasks which the police can’t.
The service of the Home Guards during emergencies deserves special mention, he said and added that the honorarium given to Home Guards at present is insufficient and should increase.

He stressed the importance of quality education for children of policemen in a caste-ridden society and advised the policemen to give top priority to educate their wards.

‘Say no to injustice’

“We are born in a society that divides us. It’s unfortunate that the division based on castes still exists in India. But, nobody should accept the injustice of the caste system and everyone must try to educate their wards to bring them to the mainstream,” the Home Minister said.

“Impart good education to them and the country will prosper automatically,” the Home minister said.

The minister administered the oath to the Home Guards and asked them to give importance for the education of their children.

Director General of Police (Home Guards, Fire and Emergency Services and Civil Defence) M N Reddi said that Civil Defence, Home Guards and Fire Force personnel work under one roof in a coordinated way and the department had become a role model in the country.
He said the department was contemplating to increase the scholarship amount given to the children of Home Guards.

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