Cancer awareness programme held in Udupi

Cancer awareness programme held in Udupi

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vadiraj from Shirdi Sai Baba cancer Hospital informed that 25 lakh cancer cases are reported in India every year. Of which 60 per cent ends in death.

Most of the cases are reported in the advanced stage where cure seems to be bleak.  If detected in the early stage cancer can be cured at 80 per cent chances, he added.


Tobacco, diet, exposure to ultra violet rays and radiations and long term hormone therapies may cause cancer in humans. There are 5 per cent chances of genetic factors playing the role in the disease. Sudden changes in body weight, painless lumps in the body, non stop cough, changes in the shapes of the moles, non curable wounds are some of the symptoms of the disease, he said. Healthy and balanced diets with intake of lots of vegetables and fruits may help in avoiding cancer, he added.

Superintendent of Police  Prawin Pawar, Dy SP Jayanth Shetty, Dr Shanthilingappa and others were present.