City hospitals continue to face shortage of blood

City hospitals continue to  face shortage of blood

The situation with the availability of blood for patients in the City continues to remain grim with only few units of blood being stocked up in both government and private blood banks. While many private blood banks had a few units available a week ago, most of them have none to spare at present.

Doctors who head these blood banks blame it on a long list of holidays. While major government hospitals need at least 10 blood donation camps to be conducted to meet the demands, top sources say that not even half the number is happening.

For instance, the Victoria Hospital blood bank caters to the hospitals Victoria, Vani Vilas, Institute of Nephro Urology and the PMSSY. However, according to official statistics, the bank has just two units each of A+ve and O+ve and one unit of B+ve.

Vani Vilas alone needs at least 60 units of blood each day. The requirement, doctors say, doubles with most of the expectant mothers being anemic. This apart, the hospital also has a trauma unit with accident victims as in-patients. In all, the everyday requirements of these four hospitals is close to 120 units.

“Being that time of the year when there is a long list of holidays, it is tough to find donors. We ask those who accompany the patients to come forward and donate. There is a need to create awareness,” said one of the doctors at Victoria Hospital.

Such is the situation at Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospitals as well. While the minimum number of units of blood needed is about 15, it might also go up to 40 a day, according to sources. There exists a similar dearth even at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Accident Care and at private blood banks such as Lions Service Trust Lions Blood Bank and Rashtrotthana Blood Bank, with them having not even tens of units of blood.

According to sources in a private blood bank, several camps were either postponed or cancelled as there was modal code of conduct.

“Usually, we see camps being organsied for former prime minister Vajpayee’s birthday. This time, even that did not happen.”

Empire contributes
A group of 2,000 employees of the Empire Restaurants have now turned donors and have started a helpline through which they could be reached round the clock. The idea came to the COO Junaiz Kizhakkayil’s mind when he recently saw an employee struggle to find blood. This seven-day-old bank of donors has already contributed about 90 units of blood.
“We have vendors and customers on the list was well,” said Kizhakkayil.


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