What's new this year?

What's new this year?

If on the first day of the New Year, you’re looking at your home decor and thinking ‘that’s so 2015’, allow Bindu Gopal Rao to let you in on what’s in vogue this year

It is the dawn of 2016. With the new beginning, you might be in that overzealous mode of looking to give your home a new look that is as trendy as it is reflective of your personality. So, here is your definitive guide to doing things perfectly this time:

Colours & textures

The colour palette of this year will be filled with shades of pink, red, warm orange and peach. Accessories and objects will add shades of olive green, deep blue and moody colours like black and purple.

“Translating to wall colours and ceramic backsplashes, dramatic colour is back. Creating bold, statement-colour combinations, the aim is to use strong shades to create fluid movement from room to room. Hard textures like cement and wood are even playing a key role in this trend as well as the mixing of metallic and metals,” opines Anjeleka Kriplani, interior designer, Renaissance Homez.

AkzoNobel Colour Futures has defined the colour of the year for 2016 as ‘monarch gold’. Gold has been identified as the colour that connects with the overall trend of the year. “Gold and gold tones are being used everywhere in the design world. It is a recurring colour and material at design fairs and in graphic design, as well as in architecture, fashion, beauty and interior decoration,” says Rajiv Rajgopal, director, decorative paints, AkzoNobel India.

“Incorporating a centrepiece, a statement mirror, a dramatic book stand, a glittering lamp or a shiny photo frame with hints of gold and copper will create just the look you hope to make for 2016. The options are endless and stores have already started stocking decor items that suit every person,” adds Rajat Singhi, MD, Address Home.

Trend check

Floral decor that adds colour, energy and a feeling of happiness will be a key trend. “Floral decor is a particularly good choice for those looking to give their home a brighter aspect. Sunny yellow florals do the job perfectly well. In 2016, be it a backsplash or an intricately-patterned floor or a countertop, fluid geometry is coming in strong. For those who want to try out geometric tiles in a more extensive fashion, the kitchen floor is the next best way forward. This will certainly look commendable and work well in eclectic, vintage and industrial kitchens,” says Rahul Gupta, director, 9th Corner Inc.

The year will be full of experiments and playful disparity. Houndstooth check pattern is the buzzword in the current times. “Whether it’s a cushion, a rug or printed table clothes, houndstooth creates an inlaid pattern and lends a stylish, yet elegant touch. Besides, it is the easiest way to turn around a mundane room or corner into a modern one,” says Sonam Gupta, design head, Tangerine. The standard of decor trends is growing at a very fast pace and modern designs are taking over traditional designs.

Shubhra Chaddha, co-founder & COO, Chumbak Design Pvt Ltd says, “Bright, pop colours with patterns and illustrations are big this year. Having accent pieces in living spaces is why a lot of our customers come to us. Whether an elephant-shaped lamp, a pop-orange rocking chair or a set of trunks, people are looking to own distinct pieces of furniture and decor in their homes.”

Eco theme

Use of natural interior decorating materials, natural fibres for upholstery, recycled metals, eco-friendly wood and handmade decorative pieces are all in vogue.

“Recycling ideas and creative designs to convert useless items into a decor masterpiece is another popular interior decor trend that not only saves money, but also protects the environment. Furniture pieces made from natural materials with unique, idiosyncratic design features impart a warm, organic and well lived-in look and feel to living spaces,” says Salil Dalal, president, sales and marketing, Fevicol Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd. Likewise, re-upholstering old furniture that have been inherited over generations allows for a unique amalgamation of old and new.


Getting the outdoors in is an interesting concept that is an upcoming trend for homes this season. “One can now utilise outdoor decorative items and products to beautify the interiors of a house. We recommend using products like garden torches, cane furniture and indoor plants to fill up empty corners and spaces in an attractive manner,” says Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window.

As the whole globe unites to emphasise the importance of nature, taking inspiration from the very idea is a great way to add warmth to your home and keep it stylish.

“A rustic table or a floral wallpaper are great ways to bring the outdoors into your spaces. Bold animal prints can add glamour, but should be used as they are seen in the wild — surrounded by natural colours like beige and brown. Use your plants to make your spaces interesting. Use vines to make a living curtain or use a drawer as a flower vase,” says Shagufta Anurag, chief design evangelist, Livspace.

Wall matters

Ayush Choudhary, MD, Cocoon Fine Rugs predicts, “The interior trends I see emerging is the use of fabric wall art. This could be through the use of beautiful rugs as wall art or just a fabric painting. Use of delicate decorative lamps and chandeliers will also be in vogue.”

Says Punam Kalra, creative director, I’m The Centre for Applied Arts, “Soft furnishings need to relate to surroundings and can be changed to complete the colour palette. Upholstery, linen and cushions need to be coordinated too,”Dhaval Dadia, director, Innovacion Retail Pvt Ltd, adds, “Designs inspired by nature, beautiful landscapes in bold colours, a contrast in floral patterns, seascapes, panoramic views of large cities, abstract realism, wildlife etc., are some of the themes in the wall decor space that we will be focusing on.” According to Mukul Goyal, product designer, “Comfort will rule. Art — both paintings and sculpture — will be sought after. Home-automation will also make inroads in residences.”

Incorporating trends

Pick one area or one room that you wish to change or rejuvenate. “Think of which look you wish to create. Do some research on the Internet or go through books to see examples of the style. Once you are sure of what you want, go shopping or contract the work to a designer to get started,” advises Shibani Jain, founder & CEO, Baaya Design.

Similarly, materials like glass, copper, brass and marble are going to make their presence felt in more homes as they meet to combine one of the hottest looks of 2016. “So, one can pair a gorgeous Murano glass centrepiece along with an exquisite Italian marble sculpture and mesmerising classic metal lanterns candle holders to create that perfect environment both indoors and outdoors,” says Divyan Gupta, founder & CEO, Artanddecors.com.

Layering is also an interesting trend that could incorporate different elements, designs and colours into one look itself. “Layering cushions colour-wise on a divan of a completely different colour in the living room sets an interesting mood to your home, while layering pillows height-wise in the bedroom makes for a comfortable setting,” adds Dipali Goenka, executive director, Welspun India Ltd & managing director, Welspun Global Brands Ltd.

Arjunpreet Singh Sahni, executive director, Solitairian Group is of the opinion that modern interior design trends come and go, but classic interior design principles remain the same. “Contemporary technology and new materials, advancements in home appliances and innovative interior design trends are just modern reflections of the basic principles of interior design.”

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