'Ensure there's nothing like Munich massacre at CWG'

'Ensure there's nothing like Munich massacre at CWG'

''The security drill should begin with the training of the police force, mounting strategic surveillance, relevant search protocols and putting in place a command and control structure for better coordination between the sentinels, hospitals, emergency transport and the fire department to thwart attempts at subversion," Offer Einav, chief executive officer of Israel-based security solutions firm Tops-SecureGATE, said in the capital.

Einav has been working with the Indian government and security agencies in Mumbai for the last two months to create urban security checks. 

The Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games is a huge media event which will reach approximately "three billion spectators" and "anything can happen", he said.

"If you browse through the history of world sports, two attacks stand out for their scale of horror, loss of life and damage -- the 1972 strike at the Munich Olympics in which an Israeli delegation was killed by a militant outfit called the Black September and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic compound attack," Einav reminded.

Keeping in mind the magnitude of participation and the number of visitors, India will have to take all possible "counter measures regardless of the price to ensure that the games are peaceful", he said.

"Add to it the fact that India has been under threat for the past few years."
The security expert with nearly three decades of experience is considered an authority in homeland and aviation security in Israel.

Tops-SecureGATE has launched the 'TriGate' technology - a three-tier security umbrella, which Einav says will change the nature of urban security in India.

"The system which has been successful in tightening domestic security in Israel operates on three levels - identification of threat and risk management matrix which deals with likelihood of attacks, potential impact and damage, manpower, technology, mitigation, protocol and procedures like relevant frisking methods and surveillance; security planning implementation of a command and control system; and customer realisation. We are offering top-notch Israeli knowhow and technology," he said.  
Throwing light on the relevance of the system in India, Einav said: "It took Mumbai three days to crawl back to its feet after the 26/11 strikes, but ideally an establishment -- suppose the coffee shop of the Taj Mahal Hotel (Delhi) we are in -- is attacked, it should reopen within three hours to instil confidence in people".

The TriGate security technology will address situations like this with its mitigation and recovery plan, Einav claimed.

"Situations like these need to be solved as quickly as possible for 10 people cannot hold India under siege and four terrorists cannot terrorise the city of London."

"The 21st century security applications should be proactive. It should not be a system that is waiting to be heated. The system should be based on manpower - educated and trained men who are capable of understanding and assessing the situation."

Einav felt that "India was passing through the same situation that Europe was passing through after the Lockerbie attack in 1988 in which an Pan-Am airliner was blown up by terrorists".        

The security expert feared "that since Asia had a huge aviation infrastructure, it was likely to be targeted by terrorists."

"Aviation is the prime target. Crashing one of India's airliners in midair could have a greater impact," Einav warned.

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