e-Water to infuse new life into Kukkarahalli Lake

e-Water to infuse new life into Kukkarahalli Lake

If everything goes as per plan, strollers at Kukkarahalli Lake, can enjoy fresh breeze in the future. The authorities have come up with a novel initiative, ‘e-water harmoniser’ (EWH), to get rid of tepid smell emanating from water.

The EWH, is a technology to add oxygen to water through ‘Aeration fountain’. The aeration is a process of increasing the oxygen saturation in water. Kalpavruksha Amruth Solutions, a city-based private company, has lent the equipment free of cost to University of Mysore (UoM), the custodians of water body.

The unit converts the anaerobic condition of water to aerobic. When the water passes through the unit, it increases the level of stable oxygen, which reduces the anaerobic condition of water. Considerably, algae formation will be reduced.

Free from chemicals
The process is natural as the unit is free from any chemical or harmful substances. Water can be cleaned without wasting it and the unit is maintenance free, says technical advisor K G Gururaj. The process also reduces the content of Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in the water and the process also benefits aquatic animals, he says.

Deputy Commissioner C Shikha had approached the company to facilitate the harmoniser to purify lake water. At present, the harmoniser has been put to use round-the-clock and will continue for some more weeks.

The lake stinks due to algae blooms and high toxic content, says UoM Green Campus Initiative coordinator Ravishankar V Rai. The initiative is in experimental stage and the water will be re-evaluated after 21 days. If the technology works, then more number of units will be put up to work, he added.

Kukkarahalli Lake Protection Committee convener K M Jayaramaiah said, the move helps in maintaining water at the pink of its health. Moreover, it reduces the tepid smell. It was evident in last two days, as the smell has come down. However, it takes a month to achieve desired results in toto, he added.
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