Dipping mercury benumbs even the mercurial lot

Dipping mercury benumbs even the mercurial lot

Dipping mercury benumbs even the mercurial lot

The cold is in the air in the district and it’s just too benumbing. The city has, in the past one week, recorded the State’s lowest temperatures, making residents pine for that early summer warmth.

The bad news is that the Mercury has been predicted to plunge further, sending shivers down the people’s spines, literally.

But the only happier lot are the sellers of winter wear, those on the roadsides and in the shops. The minimum temperatures recorded were 10.2, 10 and 9.2 degree Celsius on December 27, 29 and 30, respectively. The worst sufferers are those living on the outskirts of the city and the district’s rural hinterland, where it’s a bit more frozen feeling.

Vehicle riders are found struggling to grip the handles of their vehicles, especially in the evening and early morning hours. The cold has deprived morning walkers of their daily dose of pure oxygen and exercise for their body.

The peaking winter is, however, not without its colourful moments. The sweaters, jackets, mufflers and woollen caps in all hues are adding sartorial glitz to an otherwise dry and dull atmosphere. People are sipping the cuppa and gathering around fireplaces on the roadside for that warm relief.

The weather has also been harsh on agriculture activities, especially sugarcane cultivation. Farmers, those who have come from Maharashtra for agriculture work, are not able to go to the fields till as late as 10 am. The cold wind has caused upheavals in the health of the people, especially children and the elderly. Cold, cough, bronchitis and other related ailments are among the common complaints that doctors in the district are attending to.

Cracked limbs are another common woe, with bleeding being reported in extreme conditions. 

All in all, it’s that season when remaining indoors seems a lot more comfortable.
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