Nailing it in style

Nailing it in style

Nailing it in style
Infusing some audacity onto their fingers, people are seen experimenting with nails in a big way today. With new colours, varied designs and modern tastes, nails are getting all the attention right now. For girls, nails have always been their seduction tools! Therefore, perfectly painted nails are on the top of every woman’s wish list. Here’s a dekko on what’s trending in this colourful world of style.

All about paints
Undoubtedly, nail colours have undertaken a diversified journey — from glossy, shimmery nail polishes to bright, yet subtle nail paints of today. Come what may, no one ever approved of a lady’s fingers sans any colour! Today, you will see poppy hues of neon shades taking the charge. Hot pinks, luminous reds, poppy oranges, gleaming greens, brilliant yellows…the market is filled with all the brightness possible. One may also find super convenient nail pens, which make the task of painting so much easier. 

These days, French nails in funky colours are seen making waves, besides the latest soak-off nail paints that last for no less than 20 days. So, if you are a victim of chipped nails, this one’s worth a try. Also, if you are bored of the usual texture of your nail dos, go wild with velvet nail paints and nail paints with foils (with a tendency to change its sheen). You can also choose specific colours for various occasions or festivals, like a pink for Valentines’ or a shimmery gold shade for Diwali. 

Art of the matter
A nail-do where two or more nail paints are mixed makes way for a super nail art. This is often done along with few other nail accessories that are used to enhance the look of your fingers. There are plenty of ways to create nail art, which can be done by yourself too. These can even be  customised depending on your choice and mood.

A more prominent sequel to nail art, 3D nail art is a rage amongst the youth nowadays. Done using different coloured Swarovski crystals, bows, pearls, stones and chains — this is a shortened form of nail piercing, where these pretty frills attached on your nails last only for a
specified period of time. Moreover, a lot of asymmetrical studs are often used to garnish the overall look of the nails in 3D nail art. Some nails are also left blank to add a dash of unevenness to the do.

You can go all wild while choosing hues for nail paints and accessories or keep it simple, if the occasion so demands. But make sure that you don’t go overboard with all the bling. Say, you choose your colour to be an electric blue, you may keep the accessories bright; but in contrast with the shade, that is, a bit softer. Stay away from heavy finger or wristb accessories, if you want your nails to do all the talking.

Extensions to the rescue
Nail extensions are for those who complain of brittle and short nails. If you yearn for longer looking nails, you can go in for this trend. Also, there is no dearth of occasions, where we look charming from head to toe and suddenly find one of our nails broken. In such situations,
extensions can come to our rescue.

For this, special acrylic powder and liquids are used to paste the natural looking long nails on the original nails. These extensions are beautiful, longer lasting, grow along your nails and stay for more than four months. And, while they grow, a little filling can be done at the nail bed so that they do not look artificial.

Piercing effect
If you find that your nails are not complementing your expensive studded costume, you still have a lot more to explore in the world of nails. Go in for nail piercing by getting cute nail accessories like butterflies, bows, lips, stones, pearls and other studs pieced over your nail bed. The procedure is absolutely painless and harmless. If you love experimenting, you can also opt for slightly long chains and accessories, which add that extra zing to your personality.

Finally, while such pretty nails promise to enhance your personality, they also demand that you deal with them with extreme care. Be it a simple nail paint applied onto your fingers or glistening pair of clipping attached over the nails, these art forms need to be handled with caution. So, avoid any chores that require your hands to be in water for hours. Keep your hands moisturised all day long and go in for regular maintenance at a salon to constantly ‘nail it’ in style!

(The author is executive director, ALPS Beauty Clinics)