Designs with a philosophy

Designs with a philosophy

Designs with a philosophy

Coco Chanel once said, ‘Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway’. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly become a part of this runway by following the trends. But as always, a particular trend only lasts for a short time. This year, new ones are going to take the place and some are going to surprise us.

Designer Kunal Tanna looks back and says, “Aching heels took a backseat last year. The trend was about sporting a comfortable pair of sneakers instead. The ‘athleisure’ trend was one of the most refreshing takeaways from last year.”

The designers have big hopes about the fashion scene this year. Payal Khandwala, a Mumbai-based designer says, “The trendsetter this year will be designs with philosophy. Clothing which has a point of view will make a stronger statement than something which is trendy.”

One can look out for some of the Indian designs to give a new global language, points out fashion designer Tisha. She says, “These handwoven textiles are inherently India’s biggest USP, therefore are reinterpreted in contemporary silhouettes with minimalistic, yet impactful, surface details.”  Retro styles are also making a comeback this year. Design experts Rutu and Neeva say, “The exposed-shoulder designs are subtle yet have extremely edgy elements and we absolutely love it! Sharp androgynous look and minimal accessorising are also some of the things that one should look out for this year. With solid jewelled tones like oxblood, bottle green, mustard and heliotrop, along with matte, self-textured and printed fabrics, it’s going to be one fantastic joyride for the industry!”

Designer Tisha hopes that one would avoid anything which involves synthetic fabrics and machine embroidery. However, the spring collection is something that she’s excited about. “It’s going to be a palette of fresh whites in sheer handloom organza and textured matkasilks for spring this year. The designs are going to be like a palate cleanser before we move to the Fall collection, which will have rich silks for women in jewel-toned winter brights,” she adds.

Simple and fresh is going to be designer Payal Khandwala’s watchword this year. Payal says, “I would personally do away with overly fitted clothing; the focus should be on shape and silhouette, and clothing should maximise one’s personality. Fussy and cluttered clothing are also something that I would recommend to stay away from — keep it simple, sensible and stylish.”

Hemant Sagar, designer ‘Lecoanet Hemant’ is looking forward to an extra edge for the designs this year though. He says that fashion lovers can definitely rock a style of bell sleeves, ruffles, pleated materials, transparent skirts, classic garments, like biker and bomber jackets with a twist, ankle-large trousers, plunging necklines and dropping bows. With this bold perspective, he is also looking forward to working with shocking pink and shades of teal, and explain to consumers that synthetic fabrics are less environment polluting than the natural ones — cotton is the champion polluter of all textiles. He says, “2016 for the fashion industry is going to be a year of shift with new classic dominating wardrobes for the next decade. Elements of the past will be adding unexpected pizzazz to sober garments that can be accessorised to look fashion forward and more versatile.”