Enchanted with colours

Enchanted with colours

Enchanted with colours
She holds an engineering degree, but she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her love for art and painting. After working eight years in different IT firms, Ramya Maripuri started making jewellery as a hobby. This slowly grew into a start-up — Khushi Handmade Jewellery — in 2012.

She says, “Before I started the company, I used to design jewellery, thanks to my  personal interest. It made me happy and gave me a immense satisfaction. After a while, I extended this interest to my family and friends who gave me a lot of support and encouragement. ‘Khushi Handmade Jewellery’ is my dreamchild and is very close to my heart.”

“Khushi is my daughter’s name and she is the centre of my universe. Nothing could have been a better name for a start-up that promises to bring happiness and smiles to many people. After she was born, she changed the entire course of my life. I didn’t want to miss any of my daughter’s growing up phase. And that’s how ‘Khushi Handmade Jewellery’ was born.”

‘Khushi Handmade Jewellery’ comprises handmade, eco-friendly paper and beaded jewellery with a fine finish to give the best to those who have a keen eye for details.

She says, “My specialisation is making eco-friendly, light weight traditional earrings, silk ‘jhumkas’, bangles, necklaces and bracelets that have an ethnic, traditional and a stylish touch. And the different materials that I use include paper, clay and silk.” 

She continues, “Ever since I was a child, I was always enchanted with colours. I love to create pieces that sparkle and speak for itself.” On what makes her designs and work unique, she exclaims, “My passion towards colours and an attempt to make people happy with my designs and finished products is what makes my work different and unique.”

In a span of four years ‘Khushi Handmade Jewellery’ has received a lot of appreciation from people especially people who love handicrafts and artworks. Ramya runs the business all by herself.

She says the support and motivation extended by her family and friends help her bring out the best and eggs her to design something different each time.

She has showcased her works at exhibitions conducted for women entrepreneurs and other flea markets in the City. She says most of her customers are from outside India and contact her through her website.  

The best part of her work, she says, is when people acknowledge her creations. She says, “The best reward is when people tell me  that my designs are exclusive and perfectly crafted to suit their personality. It gives me immense happiness and motivates me to create even better and more innovative designs.” 

(For details, log on to www.khushihandicrafts.com)