Kid held hostage in Rs 10 lakh robbery

Kid held hostage in Rs 10 lakh robbery

A three-year-old girl was held hostage at gunpoint and her mother was immobilised by four robbers who looted Rs 10 lakh from their home in Karol Bagh, police said.

Three-year-old Shreshtha and her mother Nivedita Pore were held hostage for over one hour by four gun-wielding robbers on Friday evening, police said.

Gold and silver ornaments and cash totalling Rs 10 lakh were robbed from the first floor house by the four robbers who were communicating with each other in Bengali, police said.

The incident took place around 7.15 pm when Nivedita’s husband Vivekanand, an ornament maker employed in a local jewellery shop, was not at their 63 Regharpura home.

According to a statement given to police by Nivedita, someone rang the door bell and when she opened the door the four robbers forced their way into the house, said police.
“One of the robbers placed a gun on the temple of Shreshtha,” said a police officer.
The others ransacked the house and opened the cupboards after scared Nivedita handed over the keys to them.

“The robbers patiently collected the valuables for about one hour,” said a police officer.
After allegedly ransacking the house, the robbers took Nivedita and her daughter to a corner of the drawing room and tied their hands and feet after putting tapes on the mouths of both the victims.

Police said the CCTV camera footage from the lane where the house is situated indicated that the robbers seemed to be in their early 20s.

“The footage showed that two of the robbers were wearing woollen caps and they were the ones who stood guard near the staircase before their other colleagues came down with a black bag carrying the booty,” said police.

After the robbers escaped, Nivedita put in a special effort and managed to come to the balcony of her house and sought help from her neighbours.

The neighbours untied the rope on the two victims’ hands and informed the police.
A manhunt has been launched after registration of a robbery case, police said.