Experimenting with prints

Experimenting with prints

Innovative silhouettes

Experimenting with prints

Without any formal training in fashion designing, Rozina Vishram started her career 18 years ago by simply designing for her family and friends. This interest, she says, later evolved into a full-time profession. Her dedication, passion and an eye for clean finish give her designs a trendy and graceful touch.

On how she decided to be a designer, she says, “I am an introvert and designing is one of the best ways to put forward my ideas and creativity to people without putting it into words. I was always amazed about how I could experiment with new structures and prints on clothes,” says Rozina.

Her bespoke designs are not just for the ramp but one can sport them for different occasions. “My ensembles ensure that the result is nothing less than perfect. Considering the colours, silhouettes and  occasions, the outfits are wearable and realistic.” She adds, “I have never seen myself doing anything else other than designing clothes. It was the one thing that I always wanted to do and I am glad to be pursuing it now.”

New prints and structures from nature are her inspiration and the various elements that she focusses on are primarily surface ornamentation, simple and clean silhouettes and a fusion of techniques. The bespoke designs are crafted for a perfect fit that suits one’s figure. According to her, exclusivity is the sole focus as all designs are solely tailor-made.

She aims to work with some of the style icons from Bollywood, with Sonam Kapoor topping her list. She says, “I would like to work with Sonam Kapoor; not just her acting but even her style and dressing sensibilities amaze me. It is amazing to see how she can pull off both Indian and Western wear effortlessly.”

As for this year, she wants to focus on her Western collection. Speaking about it, she says, “The new collection is timeless and chic, ranging from fine woven embroidery to startlingly innovative structures and silhouettes. The pieces are a divine mix of innovation and creativity, crafted by re-inventing old art forms and techniques and infusing them into modern designs.”

Her designs are more inclined towards Indian wear as she says she has a soft corner for Indian attires. “If I have to choose, then it would be traditional Indian outfits since I have a soft spot for Indian wear. I feel anyone can carry it with ease, be it for any occasion, and with time, Indian wear is being enhanced with modern fashion elements as people are looking for different styles all the time,” says Rozina.

As a piece of advice to aspiring designers, she shares, “Dedication, hard work and being true to yourself are the three key elements that will help one pursue anything they wish to.”