Sachin bats for healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Sachin bats for healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Sachin bats for healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar today stressed on the importance of leading an active and healthy life to keep diabetes at bay and advised youngsters to engage themselves in outdoor activity and sports instead of spending too much time on video games.

"My wife is a doctor and we talk on various subjects. Sometime ago we were discussing diabetes because it was all about healthy lifestyle and active lifestyle. And the number (of diabetics) was 55 million (then).

"I saw that number after a few months it had jumped to 60 million and now we are at 69 (plus) million. It's one record we should not be proud of...this number has to come down," Tendulkar told reporters at an event here.

Novo Nordisk, a leading diabetes care company, today announced appointment of the 42-year-old cricketer as their 'Changing Diabetes' brand ambassador.

"I feel to bring this number down we have to change our mindset. We always tend to take our health for granted. We feel nothing can go wrong. We have this 'chalta hai' (casual) attitude, which should not happen."

It is important to do undergo regular medical check- ups and if there is something wrong with one's health that should be addressed immediately, the legendary batsman said.

"Just by ignoring, the problem is not going to go away. We have to address the situation and overcome all (such) obstacles," he said, adding "Being a sportsman, I naturally used to train really hard and it had become a routine to me. But most of the guys prefer to lead easy lifestyle."

"I believe the easiest and the cheapest way to stay away from diabetes is to hit the gym every work out. If you don't want to hit the gym one can go for long walks or decent jogs."

He said spreading correct information at grassroots level is extremely important to fight diabetes, also called "a silent killer", so that India becomes a happier and healthier nation.

"Today, my message to children would be to lead active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle.

Engage in outdoor activity and outdoor sports where one burns some calories and not (just) exercise your thumbs by playing video games. Because you (children) spend lot of time in playing video games."

"I am not saying you should stop playing them. But you should also give equal time to your health. Health is your real wealth and you need to look after your health."

On eating, Tendulkar said "We all like to eat...we need to eat smartly and be selective of what we want to eat. By no ways I am saying that you need to only live on salads and soups. You need to enjoy...I also did that.