'I owe my success to my fans'

'I owe my success to my fans'

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'I owe my success to my fans'

After losing a few kilos and toning up to look every inch a teenager in ‘Male’, ‘Lovely Star’, Prem is now getting ready to slip into the role of the head of a software company in his next project, ‘Mast Mohabbat.’

Talking about his role, Prem explains, “‘Mast Mohabbat’ is a love story but it also reflects how people leading busy lives like the CEO of a company, for instance, manage their stress levels.”

The movie, he says, looks at how heads of companies manage to strike a perfect balance between work and their personal life.

Prem, who is popular for his romantic roles and has been trying hard to break away from being typecast, is also playing an interesting character in another project, ‘Chowka’, which means square in Kannada.

The film captures the events that take place in a certain junction or a square. The multi-starrer has four heroes. “But every actor has a substantial something to contribute in the film. Sudeep also makes a special appearance,” Prem reveals.

The actor has had more of hits and less of misses in his career but he nurses no regrets. He confesses that he owes his success to the people who have watched and appreciated his films.

“I may think that I’ve done extremely well in  a particular  project but if my role hasn’t appealed to the people then the film falls flat. I owe my success to my fans,” he shares. Another major project of Prem’s is a film about his life and his journey thus far.

“I’ve had a very eventful start in my career and my journey as an actor has not only been a rewarding experience but has taught me a great deal about how to deal with certain situations and I look at every new project as my first project,” he reasons.

He also states that he never signs a project thinking about whether it will be success or not. He looks at what’s different and new in every new offer that comes his way.

He admits he is a little choosy when it comes to signing on the dotted line. “I don’t want to sound preachy but cinema must entertain people for three hours and leave them feeling good at the end of it. We don’t expect people to sit in judgement all the time,” he states.