Comic relief on stage

Comic relief on stage

Sketch show

Comic relief on stage

The City is set to witness a hilarious comedy sketch show this week. Three eclectic sketch groups will come together and present ‘Snigger, Please’, a one-hour show comprising eight funny sketches.

Featuring leading artistes from around the City, the comedy sketch show promises to be a rib-tickling affair on stage. Richa and Sumukhi, Naveen Richard and Sumukhi and theatre artistes Arun and Prateek will present broad sketches ranging from the bizarre, slapstick, over-dramatic and sardonic.

The show promises to present something for all as artistes from varied backgrounds such as stand-up comedy, improv and theatre are bringing their influences and interesting backgrounds into the show and performing under one roof.

Naveen says, “We are all taking various issues and acting them out. For instance, Sumukhi and I are presenting a sketch that is set in Bengaluru and the idiosyncrasies of the City. It will be about the haphazard road planning and the amount of confusion caused while giving directions to people. There is also a satire on the traffic and how people come out of their cars and start yelling at each other.”

Richa says, “The event is a good melange of sketch, stand-up and musical comedy. Apart from the six of us, there will be a few other artistes and groups from the stand-up-comedy circuit such as ‘Them Boxer Shorts’ and Kenny Sebastian. I hope the audience is ready for the multiple flavours we have to offer since 15 people are performing from various walks of comedy.”

Having known each other for a while now, the six felt that it was ideal to give Bengaluru a performance together. Naveen says, “Richa and Sumukhi had already blocked the date and as it got closer, we all thought that there was nothing better than all of us coming together. We have been planning this for a few weeks now and are really excited.”

They are also excited to perform at Jagriti, which they describe as an intimate space and love how easily the energy translates around to everyone.

Naveen adds, “The crowd in Jagriti comprises people who really love the artiste and those who stay in Whitefield. So, if someone comes from a very far-off area, it means we mean something to them.”

The artistes will perform on January 6, 8 pm onwards at Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield and the show is presented by Quiver Productions. For tickets, log on to