Mediterranean musings

Mediterranean musings

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Mediterranean musings

I have always enjoyed trying out different cuisines. In fact, my passion for preparing exotic dishes has always been a blessing for me. I was born and brought up in Lebanon and had owned a restaurant in Syria.

However, following the violence there, I had to leave my house, with not a single penny in hand. I am where I am today thanks to my determination to achieve what I want. I came to India two and half  years back with just my culinary skills with me.

In my 25 years of experience as a chef, I have specialised in churning out authentic Mediterranean cuisine. I love experimenting, hence  most of my dishes are self-created delicacies with a hint of the traditional taste. Apart from my passion for cooking, I have also incurred a love for the art of carving fruits — this is something that enhances one’s dining experience.

I also believe in taking care of the guests in the most courteous manner, so I make it a point to give each of them my individual attention. I am pretty excited and happy about the opportunity I got to work in Bengaluru as the City is known as the melting pot of global cuisines. It is great that people love experimenting with different cuisines here.

After coming here, I have developed my tastebuds to enjoy the Indian cuisines. I love ‘masala dosa’ and ‘idly vada’ for breakfast. As for my dreams, I wish to showcase my recipes on Indian television for those who relish Mediterranean food.

The recipe that I am sharing today is that of ‘Falafel’. The Mediterranean food is cooked in olive oil and is quite healthy and nutritious as well. ‘Falafel’ is traditional snack back home. It is usually a ball made from grounded chickpeas or beans and is fried. It is usually served with salad, pickle or sauce.

Ammar Molki
Head chef, Byblos




* Chick peas - 800 gm

* Cardamom powder - 20 gm

* Coriander leaves - 30 gm

* Coriander powder - 10 gm

* Coriander seed - 5 gm

* Leeks - 40 gm

* Sesame seeds - 20 gm

* Cumin powder - 10 gm

* Cooking soda - 20 gm

* Salt - 35gm

* Garlic - 20gm


Wash chick peas and soak it in water overnight or at least for three to four hours. Strain the water from chick peas.

Put the chick peas into a grinder and add cardamom powder, coriander leaves,coriander powder, coriander seeds, leeks, sesame seeds, cumin powder, cooking soda, salt, and garlic to the chick peas while grinding.

Take a pan and add oil and let it heat.

Take spoonful of batter and start frying it. Deep fry it, till it turns brown and serve it hot.