AeroMIT team flies high at Boeing National Event

AeroMIT team flies high at Boeing National Event

Team of 20 beats 37 teams from west zone in aeromodelling competition

The students of the Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, once again left their stamp of class at IIT-Bombay – this time in the TechFest.

The AeroMIT team clinched the first position in its maiden appearance at the Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition from West Zone.

The team overcame stiff competition from 37 teams – including IITs and NITs – to clinch the honours. This performance comes close on the heels of the sterling display by ‘Aaina Dramatics’, the cultural wing of the Students’ Council of Manipal Institute of Technology only a week ago. The team also secured the second position in the Aviator Design Competition presented by the Airbus Group.

“The achievement has added a feather in the cap of AeroMIT and motivates us to keep Manipal Institute of Technology and Manipal University’s name flying high,” said Aniruddha Poddar, the team leader.

AeroMIT is a team of 20-plus interdisciplinary aeromodelling enthusiasts who design, build, test and fly radio controlled aircrafts. The team members are: Aniruddha Poddar – team leader; Anshul Sharma – structures subsystem head; Anuj Arora – aerodynamics subsystem head; Achyuth Vishwamitra – electronics subsystem head – and the others; Twinkle Kothari, Dheer Verma, Arunabha Bhattacharya, Arjit Seth, Siddharth Shukla, Sristhi Chitturu, Aditya Dogra, Hariharan Venkatesh, Akshina Soni, Udayan Shloke, Rhea Matthews, Ayush Verma, Gaurav Rajput, Prateek Khandekar.

The event was organised by Boeing and Aerotrix. The teams were required to perform skilful aerobatic manoeuvres involving passing through small entry and exit gates, spot landings and a precision payload drop, which carried the maximum points. AeroMIT outdid the other teams and even managed to secure the extremely challenging payload drop (dropping a dead mass within a 1.5-metre radius), being one of the only few teams to do so successfully. The plane in the Boeing National Event – called Maatal – was piloted by Arunabha Bhattacharya, a 4th-year Electronics and Communication Engineering student.

The plane in the Aviator Design Event – called Platypus – was piloted by Aniruddha Poddar, a 3rd-year Civil Engineering Student of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.
In the Aviator Design Competition, the teams were required to design and build a lightweight airplane to carry the maximum payload possible while still being stable in flight to complete the manoeuvres set by the organisers, with precision. The spot landing carried maximum points and AeroMIT was, once again, one of the few teams to do so. Careful designing, skilful building and trained flying helped the team secure the second position out of 76 participants.

AeroMIT will now participate in the national-level competition at IIT, Delhi, and the international competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE AeroDesing at Fort Worth, Texas, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin in March 2016.