'I never do films for relationships'

'I never do films for relationships'

Candid talk

Actress Divya Dutta says working with friends makes the experience enjoyable but doing a film for the sake of friendship is not on her to-do list.

Calling her next film titled Chalk N Duster, helmed by Jayant Gilatar, “most interesting”, she told IANS, “I was going to meet somebody. I was in a building lobby and then I met the director by chance. He said ‘I was going to call you up.’ I asked ‘Why?’. He said ‘I am starting a film called Chalk N Duster. I want you to do the main negative role'.”

Shocked by the offer, the actress thought that the director was joking.
“He was serious. The kind of faith he had in me... I instantly agreed to do the film,” she said.
“I never do films for relationships. They only add on. There are some things that you do instinctively. Being an actor, it’s very important to keep the actor in me happy. I am sure people won’t call me for anything stupid. The kind of work you do, is what matters,” said the actress, who has impressed with her work in films like Veer-Zaara, Delhi-6, Welcome to Sajjanpur and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Her forthcoming film Chalk N Duster, which will hit the screens on January 15, is based on commercialisation of education.
Dutta says it depicts reality.

“Everything has become commercial... right from the medical department to teaching. Anything that is ambitious, that offers opportunity has become commercial,” she said.