Get pre-marital counselling from cops 3 days a week

Get pre-marital counselling from cops 3 days a week

With a rise in the number of youngsters seeking pre-marital counselling, the women’s helpline in the police commissioner’s office has designated three days in a week to provide counselling.

Members of Vanitha Sahayavani said they have been offering pre-marital counselling services for a long time. “But now we have witnessed a huge rise in the number of youngsters approaching us for counselling. So we have designated Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week to conduct the pre-marital counselling. Also, emergency cases will be looked into on a daily basis.”

Rani Shetty, co-ordinator of Vanitha Sahayavani, said, “It is good for youngsters, who are planning to get married, to undergo the counselling session.

Helps reduce divorce rate
This will help the young people to get an idea about marriage and how things go after getting married. People must attend the counselling and this will help in reducing divorce rates.”

Also, at the same time, the youngsters do not like to get married due to various reasons.
“Most of the youths who approach us state that their parents pressure them to get married at an early age. So we will also counsel the parents, as it is not only their decision which is involved, but also the person’s who is getting married.

In some cases, the parents threaten to commit suicide if their children refuse to get married,” mentioned the members of the Sahayavani.

In 2012-13, 33 pre-marital cases approached the Sahayavani for counselling, while in 2013-14, around 36 cases were reported and in 2014-15, 64 cases had come in for counselling.