A cold play

A cold play

A cold play

The famous saying— “It’s never too cold for ice cream” stands true when you see people flooding at an ice cream parlour in the month of January.

Hokey Pokey, a new launch in Koramangala 5th block is a new attraction to many ice cream lovers in the City.   

Rahul Jain, the COO of Hokey Pokey says, “Hokey Pokey is our first ice cream parlour in Bengaluru. It is basically a cold stone creations concept where we allow customers to have a ‘create-your-own’ experience. From selecting their own flavour to the additional mix-ins, everything can be experienced by the customers themselves.”

Talking about the name, Rahul explains, “Hokey Pokey was a popular ice cream brand in late 70’s- 80’s in the US. We wanted to have a quirky name yet have something with a traditional touch. That’s how we came up with Hokey Pokey — a very youth oriented concept.”

To begin with the ambience is cosy with both open and closed seatings. All the ice creams in the menu are their own recipes and it is divided into indulge, gourmet, exotic, swirling shakes, bubbly icebergs, cheeky chocolate, fruity fun and chips and chunks. Some of their most popular treats are double chocolate therapy which is a mix of chocolate brownie, Nutella and dark chocolate fudge; strawberry cheese cake which has strawberry ice cream, cookies and strawberry syrup. Apart from these one can also try full moon fantasy, brownie break or go for their shakes — rockin’ strawberry, greek cafe frappe or fruit power shower.

Targeting mainly the young crowd Rahul says the expectation are growing as they can see many repeat customers coming in and indulging themselves with their ice creams.
The pricing is pocket friendly. A single scoop with mix-ins is priced Rs 120, for double scoop it is Rs 215 and for their knock out which is four scoops is priced Rs 415.

Being new to the competition, this place is a must try to sober down your ice cream craze.
Hokey Pokey is located at  8, 1st Cross, 5th A block, Koramangala. For details, contact 69990909.