Chinese whisper

Chinese whisper

Chinese whisper

Focussing on one particular cuisine has become popular in the City. One such place that is claiming to bring the first authentic Chinese restaurant is none other than ‘Hunan’ in Koramangala. The Hunan cuisine, known for its liberal use of chilli peppers, shallots and garlic, is sure making rounds with many in the City.

With contemporary interiors along with great service, it definitely leaves you with a good impression throughout. Located on the busy road of Jyoti Nivas College, one can expect the restaurant to be bustling with customers. It’s best advised to not come here with the notion that you’ll be served the regular Chinese food flavours, but be prepared to go on a culinary journey that will blow your mind away.

To begin the meal, the ‘Chicken lemon peppery soup’ is a good choice as it is a refreshing soup with black pepper in a lemon-flavoured broth. Unlike the other soups that tend to bore your palate after a few sips, this one will give you a burst of flavours till the last sip.

Move on to the ‘Vegetable crystal dumplings’ and ‘Chicken pouch dumplings’ as they will melt in your mouth. With a mix of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter flavours, one must not miss the ‘Dynasty Prawns’ — prawns prepared in a chef’s special sauce, which will definitely leave you wanting for more. For those who like the exotic flavours of lotus stem, they can try the ‘Crispy lotus stem with ginger honey sauce’.

The highlight of the appetisers is surely the ‘Fried honey Peking duck’ which is a pot-roasted braised duck that is stir-fried with house-special mild spicy Peking sauce — the meat is soft and easily falls off the bones. The ‘Pan-fried Hunan grilled chicken’ and ‘Garlic pepper lemon prawns’ are also a great choice as every ingredient on the plate complements each other. Hunan also allows their customers to play with food when they serve their ‘Hunan chicken lettuce wraps’. Choose from the wok-seared chicken, mushroom, water chestnuts, crispy noodles, chilli, sweet chilli and hoisin sauce to make your own wrap with lettuce leaves at the table.

For the main course, the ‘Stir-fried prawns with broccoli’ (prawns and broccoli seasoned with oyster sauce), ‘Hunan lazi ji’ (shredded chicken with garlic, dried chilli in a spicy Hunan sauce), ‘Yang zhou fried rice’ and ‘Bangkok noodles’ are highly recommended.

The meal is not complete without dessert. So make sure you have their ‘Red velvet cake’ which tastes as good as it looks — it’ll melt in your mouth. For a dramatic ending,  the ‘Chocolate molten cake’ is a sure try as one has to wait for the fire to go out to taste the delicious dessert.

Perfect for a romantic date, family dinner and for a gathering with friends, ‘Hunan’ is just the place for it all. The restaurant is located at 123, 1st floor, 1st Main, JNC Road, 5th Block, Koramangala. For reservations, call 25520154.