Strengthening the French connection

Strengthening the French connection

Strengthening the French connection

For expatriate Remy Binias from Arras, France, life has changed ever since he came to this city. Describing it as a burst of energy, he says it is starkly different from what he was used to in almost every way. 

  Remy, who works as Marketing Lead with Minsh, a start-up in the City, says that his journey here has been nothing less than exciting.

He came here as an MBA student from Amiens, France to do his final internship with Minsh. He  joined the same company later, and is now responsible for the sales development of the company. 

Hailing from the Northern part of France, Remy says that his hometown is relatively smaller.  “My hometown is just 60 km away from Lille in the northern part of the country.  Arras is mainly known for its architectural beauty and the old buildings it possesses. It is known for the Arras Cathedral, The Boves and The Belfry of Arras. These are  very unique heritage sites and Arras sees a lot of British visitors during the holidays, ” he informs.

“Another attraction there is The Main Square Festival — a popular music festival in France that happens usually around July — which attracts people from across the world,” he adds

He point out that the population of Arras has approximately 60,000 people compared to the eight million in Bengaluru. 

“It feels magical to stay in such a large city and be part of such a culture,” he says. 

    Professing his love for Bengaluru, he says that there is nowhere else that he would rather be at the moment. 

   “I really love Bengaluru for its youthful spirit. It has a lot of  youngsters like me and a lot of companies too.” 

Since Bengaluru is the hub for startups and the perfect haven for any new idea or project. “I love the fact that there is so much growth here. India is a very lively country.”

The first thought that pops in Remy’s mind when one asks him about the people here is how welcoming and cheerful they are. 

“Since I’m young, it wasn’t hard for me to adjust to anything here. I am open to all sorts of experiences and interactions, and the City has come as a blessing for me. All the people I’ve met here have jumped at the opportunity to help him. They never flinch from offering a hand to anyone,” he says. 

Remy who loves meeting people, says that he has noticed that people here ask him many questions about his hometown and are generally curious. “I have always felt comfortable answering their queries,” he says.

It was also a pleasant surprise for Remy initially when he found Bengaluru housing people from across the country and the world. 

“I often attend the expat gatherings that are held here, which also help in networking better,” he says. 

Ask him if he has had a chance to indulge more with the French community here  and he says, “I don’t want to restrict myself to just my community. Among my roommates, there are Indians as well, and I like it that way. I would like to keep myself open to everything.”

Remy quickly adds that though the people are very friendly, they do have reservations about certain things. 

“Not everything can be openly discussed sometimes, as some have their own inhibitions. This is something different comparing to France,” he says.

“People shy away from talking about certain subjects. The culture is very traditional here. I feel that people here are not as open-minded as compared to those back home,” he observes. About his travel experiences in the country, Remy says, “I have gone to Goa,  Chennai and Chikkamagalulru but I would like to explore much more. Pondicherry is on the list of places I would like to visit.”

Among other things, he loves the fact that Bengaluru has an array of restaurants, pubs and bars to its credit. This, he says, has added to the charm and character of the City.  “Bengaluru is a nice place to be in. Although a big city, it still has the feel of a countryside. And there’s a lot one can do here,” he wraps up with a smile.”