Sky is the limit

Sky is the limit

Sky is the limit

Memories are now being framed high up in the skies. This trend is not only growing but soaring high. The use of drone cameras or unmanned aerial vehicles — controlled from the ground — has become quite popular and proves that technology has reached its pinnacle.


Aerial photography and videography is penetrating sectors such as the film production unit, agriculture, real estate, hospitality segment and the wedding industry. Though Chennai and Hyderabad are often considered as the most popular metros for drone photography, Bengaluru is not far behind as many foresee a bustling market for its future.   

Niharika from Fotobubbles Tech Pvt Ltd, a creative studio, explains that the idea of aerial photography and videography has appealed to people as it allows them to perceive a shot in “unusual, stunning and breathtaking angles” that can otherwise never be achieved.

She says, “It is all about giving a bird’s eye view through cameras that are air-borne. This adds value, especially in the real estate and hospitality segments, where sales are most influenced by a glimpse of the actual property. Drones are typically hired more for videos than stills. However, the 4k resolution ensures that there is no loss of quality in still images as well.The scale that aerial photography provides is invaluable.”  

Manoj, the founder of ‘Pixotica’, a service provider for aerial photography and cinematography says that the perception drones bring to a photo has excited people. ‘Pixotica’ has taken aerial shoots of a range of events – from weddings, rallies to films. 

“Drones are seen as equipment used for negative purposes but they are extremely essential. For instance, in the agriculture sector, there are drones that can spray pesticides from the air.” 

Another industry where drone photography has picked up is the wedding market. Drone cameras are light and operate in dark spaces too, unlike traditional cameras which require flash at weddings.  Most people use DJI cameras and though the cost depends on multiple factors such as the number of pictures and duration of the shoot, Neil says that drones are generally rented out for about Rs 15, 000 or Rs 20, 000 per day. The founder of Octographers, a company which specialises in aerial photography and cinematography, Neil says that there are various classifications of copters that people choose attached with a ‘go pro camera’, depending on their shoots. “One usually controls the flight time and stability from the ground or smooth production despite disturbances like the wind turbulence.

 Though one can fly a  drone upto four kms, it is safer to fly it below 600 meters. People avail permissions from the nearest police station, who then survey the site and flight route.” 

However, the risks involved are many. Manoj says, “Drone photography has to take place in an open space as chances are that they may come crashing down in a closed room. Before the event, one has to do an analysis of the throttle and wind turbulence. There are certain guidelines in place. One cannot use a drone upto 5 km radius from airport or airforce base. However, the guidelines in place are loose and there are more and more restrictions coming up by day, which makes it challenging for even a simple event to be conducted through.” 

Though Niharika adds that aerial photography requires time and effort and is slightly on the expensive side, she sees a bustling market in Bengaluru for drone photography. “Drones are perfect for capturing the architectural beauty of real estate and hotel sectors. Many clients feel the need to add an edge to their visual communication by offering spectacular wide angles of their property which can be achieved with drones. Drone photography is definitely picking up in the wedding market as ever since we introduced the service, all clients have expressed interest in it.”