'Tech makes everything more flexible'

'Tech makes everything more flexible'

'Tech makes everything more flexible'

DJ Edith Bowman  on how the USB stick changed her life, her lovely old iMac and keeping in touch with her rock star husband

Are you a gadget fiend or a technophobe?

I love a gadget and I’ve got my dad to blame for that. When I was growing up, he always had the latest thing: cine-cameras, VHS players, enormous mobile phones. I’ve definitely inherited his gadget fiendness.

What was the first piece of techyou fell in love with?
A Macintosh 128k, with that little smiley face on the welcome screen. It really took me back watching the Steve Jobs biopic and going “I had one of them!” I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We had very basic computing lessons on a Mac at school, nothing like nowadays; my seven-year-old son Rudy is learning coding already. I’ve been an Apple addict ever since. I converted to PC for a year at uni and hated it. It felt so unfriendly.

How has technology changed your work as a DJ?
I used to lug a massive bag of CDs everywhere. Now it’s all on a USB stick. It’s game-changing, especially if you’re flying somewhere. It’s like, “Hello, hand luggage!” MP3s still give you the same functions and spontaneity as CDs or vinyl. Tech makes everything more flexible. I wrote a book last year [Edith Bowman’s Great British Music Festivals], which was terrifying. A decade ago, I’d have to have done it all sitting at my desk. Instead I was writing on planes, park benches, anywhere. I’ve got a great little iPad case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard, so I tapped away whenever I had a spare moment.

What’s your favourite gadget?
My husband [Tom Smith, frontman of indie rock band Editors] bought me this amazing compact Hasselblad camera.

What’s the most expensive?
Probably my big old iMac in my office at home. It’s like a generator, humming, and it’s got so much stuff on it. It’s such an inviting machine, I just love sitting at it.

Do you have flash gadgetry in your kitchen?
A few. We’ve got a neat Bluetooth speaker for streaming music while we cook. Plus spiralisers, juicers, all that healthy stuff. 

I considered getting a boiling water tap — my friend Esther’s got one and I’ve always been slightly envious — but it freaks me out a bit safety-wise, so I make do with a kettle.

You and your husband both travel a lot. Do you rely on technology to keep in touch?
Tom’s just been away for a month touring and Facetime is a godsend. The other night, we had it on during the kids’ bathtime and it felt like he was in the room with us, when he was actually in a hotel in Slovenia. 

We’re trying to convince Tom to be on Facetime during a gig, so the kids can watch and dance around the living room, but he says he’d find it too distracting (laughs).

What’s your all-time favourite computer game?
I mainly play classics like Scrabble but I’ve made the fatal mistake of buying Rudy a games console for Christmas, so that’s gradually changing.

What’s your most-used emoji?
Thumbs-up and big cheesy grin. That’s become my go-to photo pose too. I’m a human emoji (laughs).

What gadget would you like to see invented?I’d love to fly, so a jetpack. Or a robot PA to help sort my life out.