A blend of ideas

A blend of ideas

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Though not a mainstream designer, it never restricted Bani Batra from experimenting with ideas she always had in her mind. Batra uses modern silhouettes and cuts from across the country.

For example: An outfit made with Karnataka silk, but paired up with embroideries from Gujarat. Likewise, Batra’s recent collection, available at her studio situated at Pusa Road, is a blend by the classical dabka and patra work, with fabrics ranging from silks, velvets, georgettes and soft satins.

She epitomises luxury by maintaining the richness of woven Indian fabrics and their hand crafted detailing. The intricacy of floral scrolls, mirrors and handcrafted zardozi embroidery gives a perfect edge to all her designs.

Being untrained, Batra started designing for friends and family in 2007. She says that it was the smile on people’s faces when they wore her creations, and the constant encouragement and reinforcement from her family that made her enter the field.

She tells Metrolife, “The birth of my two daughters made me see the best in everything, and this is what I like to reflect in my clothes. The belief that all women are beautiful is something I’ve always believed and lived with, so designing clothes that made them feel and look great felt like the logical step. I think their smiles when they find and try on the dress they were looking for is my greatest achievement.”

Batra says that designing is a “personal experience” for her, that each of her designs will vary and have something unique according to her and her client’s mood. Different factors like the colour of the season, fabrics and weather play an important role in her creations.

However, the 33-year-old admits that sourcing of raw material, finding good workers daunted her when she started. Delhi, being the hub of designers, made the competition even more difficult for her.

“There is competition in everything, but I am of the opinion that if you offer a product that is of high quality, is exclusive and caters to a niche market, you will have happy customers who will revisit. You learn as you grow. I’m now very confident in all my selections,” she says.