Prince George to inherit dad's mini Aston Martin

Prince George to inherit dad's mini Aston Martin

Prince George to inherit dad's mini Aston Martin

Britain's Prince George is set to inherit his father Prince William's miniature James Bond Aston Martin.

The two-year-old will be given the half-size V8 Volante, given to William by his father Prince Charles in 1988 as soon as he is old enough to drive it.

It has recently been removed from the Sandringham Museum on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk in order to be renovated.

The car is reported to have been tested during the Christmas holidays ahead of it being presented to the little Prince when he is old enough to use it, the 'Daily Express' reported.
The V8 Volante was first made famous when driven by Timothy Dalton's James Bond in the 1987 film 'The Living Daylights'.

A royal source told the newspaper: "You can hear the car before you see it because it's quite noisy. It's common knowledge that Prince William has got it running again so that George can have it.

"The car has been in the Sandringham museum for many years after William and Harry outgrew it but it is always belonged to them so there was nothing to stop them using it again. Everyone is looking forward to seeing George drive it. I should think he'll be in the car within a year."

The car boasts leather seats and is powered by a 160cc Honda engine with a miniature gearbox.

It is also said to have working headlights and a radio. Earlier this week, Prince George started at nursery and seems all set for his miniature drive soon.